Create Windows shared printer objects

Create Windows Shared Printers

You can list Windows shared printers by creating a Windows Print Server Link. Once the link is created the shared printers on the specified print server will automatically be listed and kept in sync in the specified target folder. Once the printers are listed in a folder you can move them to the appropriate folder in the tree.

List Windows shared printers in a folder by doing the following:

  1. Right-click the folder you want the shared printers to be staged (listed) in, and click New, Windows Shared Printers. The New Windows Print Server Links dialog will open.
  2. Click Browse and enter the name of the print server you want shared printers listed from, and click OK, and then click List Printers.
  3. The dialog will show the status as the Client is installed on the specified print server. Once the Client is installed and the printers have been listed the dialog will prompt you to close the dialog,
  4. Click Close. The folder will refresh and the shared printers will be listed.

Note: To view all Windows Print Server Links, click tools, Windows Print Server Links.

Note: If you are going to enable the Portal you should move the listed printers to the folder representing their physical location so that end users can browse the tree structure in the portal to find the printer by location. If you are not enabling the Printer Install Portal and will only be pushing printers to users it will not be necessary to move the printers to folders with names of geographic locations as end users will not be self installing printers.

Note: You can hide folders from the Printer Install Portal by right clicking the folder in the Printer Installer Administrator and selecting the Hide from Install Portal. See Hiding Folders for more information and example scenarios of when to use this feature.

Note: If you change the printer name on the print server, that change will be immediately replicated to the Printer Installer Administrator, but the change will not be made to the workstations (and the printer will be unusable) until the clients check in.

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