Using IP Address Range Objects

IP Address Range objects can be used in the following ways:

  • Deploying Printers by IP Address Range
    Add IP Address Range objects to a printer’s deploy tab to deploy the printer to any user with an IP address in the specified range.

  • Assign Printer Install Rights by IP Address Range
    Add IP Address Range objects to a printer’s "Security" tab to grant all users in the IP Address Range’s IP address rights to install the printer from the Printer Install Portal.

  • Auto Open Folders in the Portal
    If your printers are in different IP Address Ranges than end user computers, making it so you cannot use the “Enable Printers Near me: Printer IP Based” option, you can create IP Address Range objects with IP ranges of the users in a location, and place the IP Address Range object in a folder in the tree that contains the printer objects that are near the end user.  When the end user opens the Portal, the parent folder of the IP Address Range the user is a member of, will be automatically selected.
    Note: The Printers near me: IP Address Range Based option in the Portal Settings page must be enabled.

  • Caching drivers, profiles, and PrinterInstallerClient.msi files
    Specify a cache location for an IP address range object to have users that are members of the IP address range object (users that have IP addresses within the IP address range), download driver, profile, and client install files from the specified location instead of directly from the Printer Installer web server.