Mobile Printing

For users that want to print with mobile devices, like mobile phones; iphone, android, blackberry, or ipads or any device that has a web browser, they can use our mobile print feature to print to printers that are marked as “mobile print” enabled.

To use this feature, you must configure the SNMP settings within Printer Installer in the /config/settings.php file. This allows the Printer Installer web server to send emails.

Next, you must configure each printer that supports receiving emailed print jobs. This is unique to each printer but can usually be done by browsing to a printer's IP address (and there is a link on each printer's general tab to bring you there)

Finally, you enable "mobile printing" for the printer and specify the email address.

When a mobile device visits the portal page, they will be presented with only printers that have mobile printing enabled. When they chose a printer, they will be given an option to send a document to the printer. The Printer Installer web server will then email the document to the printer, and the job will print.

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