Printer Installer Migrator – FAQ

Printer Installer Migrator - FAQs

Does Printer Migrator write to eDirectory? 
No. It only reads edirectory.

How long will it take to migrate 250 printers from eDirectory to Active Directory?
About an hour. Set it up and start it…take lunch…you’re done.

What Novell printer types does Printer Migrator support?
NDPS, iPrint and legacy queue. Please contact if you would like support for legacy queue based printers.

What are the system requirements to run Printer Migrator?
XP computer in the target Active Directory domain, Novell Client installed w/NDPS.

Can I unmigrate a printer after I migrate it?
Yes. Right click and select “unmigrate”.

Will Printer Installer Migrator work with a Microsoft cluster?
Yes. Simply select the virtual server as the target server (remember to enable Kerberos authentication on the name resource).

Will PrinterInstaller Migrator work if I have a Novell Cluster?

Can I use Migrator to create direct TCP/IP printers on end-user machines, instead of migrating to a print server?
Yes! Use the Tools > Import > Import Novell Printers option.

Can I migrate printers from an eDirectory cluster to a Microsoft cluster?

Yes. see /products/migrator/knowledge.php#_Issue:_MigrateToCLuster

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