Using the Printer Installer Migrator

Using the Printer Installer Migrator

Migrating Novell printers to Microsoft print servers

  1. After installing Printer Installer, login to the Printer Installer Administrator
  2. Open the Printer Installer Migrator application by selecting Tools > Copy / Import > Copy Novell printers to Windows print servers
  3. Select the printer agent(s) in the left pane that you wish to migrate from eDirectory.
  4. Select the destination Windows print server in the center pane.
  5. Select the Printer Installer folder you would like the printer to be published to in the right pane.
  6. Click the migrate button below the selection panes to add the printers to the migration queue. Click yes if prompted to start the migration queue, or manually start the queue by clicking the start button above and to the left of the queue window.

Converting end users existing iPrint / NDPS printers

  1. After you have completed the printer migration steps above simply select (from within the Printer Installer Administrator), Tools > Settings > Printer Conversions, and then enable the Enable Printer Installer Client to convert end user's Novell printers to TCP/IP printers option.
  2. When an end user logs into a computer that has the Printer Installer Client installed, any Novell printer that was migrated by the Printer Installer Migrator, that exists on the end user's computer, will be converted from a NDPS / iPrint printer to the new Windows shared printer.  Note: you can also simply click on the clients system tray refresh option to activate the printer conversions.

Printer Installer Migrator Menu Options

Options > Driver selection >

64-bit Servers tab

2008 32-bit Servers

2003 32-bit Servers tab

Options >

Options for Printers in the Migration Queue

Additional Features

Symbol Legend

Green Check - Successfully migrated printer.
Green Circle - Printer currently being migrated.
Grey Circle - Printer queued for migration.
Red Circle with Exclamation - Printer failed to migrate. Hover over printer or see printer queue for details.

Printer Installer Migration System Requirements

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