Language Support

PrinterLogic Web Site

The language displayed is chosen by the “accepts language” header sent by the browser.

Printer Installer

The choice of language is made using the following criteria: If the operating system supports language packs, then Printer Installer will pick the first display language selected by the user that Printer Installer currently supports. If the operating system does not support language packs, or none are installed, then Printer Installer will use the “locale” setting. If Printer Installer does not support any of the languages found, it will default to English.

Current Supported Languages

How To Manually Change The Language On The Printer Installer Client

Open regedit and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PrinterLogic\PrinterInstaller\Overrides. If it doesn’t already exist, add a string value named “langid” (no quotes), and a value of XXXX, where XXXX is the four-digit language/region code. Use this to find the locale identifier (skip the “0x” at the beginning) Once the change has been made, kill the Printer Installer client (open Task Manager, right click PrinterInstallerClientLauncher.exe and select End Process Tree) and restart the client (Start Menu All Programs -> Printer Installer -> Administration -> Start Client).

How To Manually Change The Language On The Portal

Add ?lang=XX to the portal URL, where XX is the two-character language code (es for Spanish, fr for French, etc.)
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