Managing Portal Printer Visibility

By using the "Portal Security" section of the "Security" tab of a printer object you can specify who can view and install printers from the Portal. The permissions only apply when users attempt to install the printer from the Portal. Note that if a user installs a printer from the Portal and later you change the permissions so that the user is no longer able to, the printer will still remain on the user's computer.

Permissions to view and install printers can be specified by any combination of:

  • IP address range (subnet)
  • Active Directory user
  • Active Directory computer
  • Active Directory group
  • Organizational Unit (OU).
  • MAC Address

There are three recommended ways to make changes to security assignments in a "Portal Security" section of the "Security" tab:

  • Add an explicit permission assignment.
  • Make the changes to a parent object where the rights are explicitly defined (company object by default), and then the child object will inherit these permission assignments.
  • Clear the "Include Inherited Security" check box and create an explicit permission assignment.

Understanding Permission Inheritance

Inherited permissions are those that are propagated to an object from a parent object (company or folder object). Inherited permissions ease the task of managing permissions and ensure consistency of security assignments among all objects with a given container (company or folder object).  If the "Include Inherited Security" check box is checked on an object’s "Portal Security" section of the "Security" tab, the object will inherit permissions.

Note that, by default, the "Everyone" group is added to the root company object’s permissions and all child nodes are set to inherit the security settings from the root, allowing all users to install all printers.