How to deploy Equitrac printers

Using Printer Installer to deploy Equitrac or HP Access Control Printers

Normally, in a company with print servers, if you wanted to support Equitrac or HP Access Control (HPAC) printing you would install Equitrac/HPAC on a Windows print server, create an Equitrac/HPAC printer on the print server and share it, then deploy the "shared" printer to the end users' workstations using scripting or group policy. This would allow the end users to print to the shared Equitrac/HPAC printer, but now that you have Printer Installer and have stopped using scripting and group policy for printer deployment, the question of how to use Printer Installer to deploy the Equitrac/HPAC printer can arise. Here is an overview of how to use Printer Installer with Equitrac or HPAC and below are the step-by-step instructions on setting it up.


Because Equitrac and HPAC require a Windows print server, you will need to have a Windows print server with Equitrac/HPAC installed on it. Create the Equitrac/HPAC printer on the print server as usual when setting up Equitrac/HPAC printing, then share it. Then in the Printer Installer Administrator create a TCP/IP printer with an LPR port and deploy it as normal to your end users. The Printer Installer TCP/IP printer's port is configured to use LPR instead of the default RAW in order to communicate with the LPD service on the Windows print server. This way print jobs are sent to the shared printer queue on the print server. By creating a TCP/IP LPR printer in Printer Installer Administrator and deploying it, you can now use Printer Installer to deploy and manage all of the printers on your end users' workstations, including the Equitrac/HPAC printer. You can deploy the printer using all of the normal deployment options (AD user, group, OU, IP address, hostname, etc...). You can even update the driver that the Equitrac/HPAC printer uses on the end users workstations. Also, if you replace the Equitrac/HPAC print server with a print server with a different name, simply update the Equitrac/HPAC printer port information to have the printer send print jobs to the new print server and you are good to go - there is no need to deploy a new shared printer; the Printer Installer client simply updates the existing printer object on the end user's workstation to send the jobs to the new print server.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. If it is not already installed, add the LPD role service to the print server.
    1. In Server Manager, select the Roles section.
    2. Under the Print and Document Services role, click Add Role Services.
    3. Check the box for "LPD Service" and click Next, then Install.
  2. Create and share the Equitrac printer on the print server.
  3. Log in to the Printer Installer Administrator console. Right click the folder you want to create the printer in and select New -> TCP/IP Printer.
    1. Name the printer anything you want.
    2. Enter the IP address or hostname of the print server.
    3. Select the driver that you want the printer to use.
    4. Click Add.
  4. Go to the Port tab for the printer and select LPR for the protocol. Enter the appropriate queue name for the printer as specified in the LPD on the print server.
  5. Go to the Deploy tab and deploy the printer to workstations as desired.
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