Replace Drivers

Replacing Drivers

To replace drivers in the Printer Driver Repository.  Use the steps below:
  1. Click on the Company Object, and then the Drivers/Profile Repository tab.
  2. Select the driver that you want to update, and then click the Update Driver button.  The "Driver Options" dialog box will open.
  3. There are two options on this dialog, do one of the following:  Important: Both options will cause the currently selected driver to be replaced.   Any printer objects with associations to the old driver will be changed to have associations to the new driver.  Any profiles associated to the old driver being replaced, will be marked in the profile drop down list with an appended label of “Out of date”.   See “Out of date profiles” for information on out of date profiles.
    1. To replace the currently selected driver with an existing driver in the Driver Repository click Replace With Existing Driver. The driver has now been replaced.
    2. To replace the currently selected driver with a new driver that is not currently in the Driver Repository, click Replace with New Driver and continue to the next step.
  4. If the local computer does not already have the appropriate printer drivers in its driver store, download and extract the appropriate driver files, and then in the "Add Driver" dialog box, click the Browse button and browse to the location of the driver files.
  5. Select the driver manufacturer and model that you want to upload into the Printer Driver Repository, and then click Next.  Notice the "Annotation String"  input box at the bottom of the screen.  The program will add a default annotation string that describes the type of operating system it expects the driver to support.  If you are uploading a driver that already exists in the Printer Driver Repository with the same model name, you can change this value to allow both drivers to exist in the Printer Driver Repository.
  6. Check the selected operating systems to make sure they are correctly selected and supported with the driver.  The operating system selection on this screen determines what operating system driver drop down list the driver will be included in. Click Upload.
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