Migrating from Printer Installer 4.x to 5.x+

To migrate to PI5, you install PI5 in parallel with PI4, import the PI4 Administrator database into the PI5 Administrator, configure PI5 Administrator settings, and then on migration day, replace the PI4 client with the PI5 client. The PI5 client will then manage any printers that were previously installed by the PI4 client and take over the functionality of the PI4 client. When the PI5 client has replaced all of the PI4 clients, your migration to PI5 is complete.

To migrate from PI4 to PI5, do the following:

  1. Review the "What you need to know when upgrading from PI4 to PI5 page"
    Review this page to see the changes from PI4 to PI5 and to make sure the features you are using in PI4 are supported in PI5. Please contact us with any questions or if there is a feature that you require before upgrading.
  2. Contact PPP for a PI5 product demonstration
  3. Contact PPP to install Printer Installer 5 
    We will install Printer Installer Administrator, import the PI4 database, configure the Printer Installer Administrator, and review / demonstrate the steps that will need to be taken on migration day to replace the PI4 client with the PI5 client.
  4. Migrate from PI4 to PI5
    On the day you want to migrate from PI4 to PI5 simply replace the PI4 client with the PI5 client.
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