Release Printing Module

By setting up the release module, end users are able to securely print confidential or sensitive material while they are standing at the physical printer. There are two parts to the Release Module.
  • Release Printing - The ability to print to and securely release from a specific printer.
  • Pull Printing - The ability to print and securely release from any printer in your environment.

How to setup the Release Printing Module

To turn on the Release Printing Module do the following:
  1. Log in to the Administrator Console.
  2. Select Tools > Settings > Client.
  3. In the print job settings section, check Enable Queue Management.
  4. Check Enable Release Print (Secure/Pull).
You will now be able to designate printers for secure release and setup the pull print queue.

How to configure Secure Printing

Secure printing can be configured globally across all printers in your environment, or per printer. The global options are found at Tools > Settings > General, in the "Secure Release Defaults" section. The printer specific settings for secure release are found on the General tab of the printer object in the Administrator Console. The options that can be configured globally or per printer are:
  • No - Not a secure release printer. Any print jobs sent to this printer will be printed as normal.
  • Yes (always) - Sets the printer as secure release, but does not offer a prompt when printing. All jobs are held until they are released.
  • Yes (prompt) - Sets the printer as secure release, but displays a prompt after clicking print. The prompt will display:
    • Yes, Release Job
    • No, Hold Job
    • Cancel Job
  • Allow Users to Override - This allows the end user to specify the secure release settings for this printer.

How to configure Pull Printing

To set up Pull Printing do the following:
  1. Log in to the Administrator console.
  2. Create a new TCP/IP printer on the root or in the folder of your choice.
  3. In the Printer Name field, give the printer an appropriate name signifying it as the Pull Print queue.
  4. Check the box labeled Make Pull Print.
  5. Select or upload the drivers to be used for the pull print queue.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Install the new pull printer by deployment assignment, or self service portal page.
Once the pull print queue has been created, you can use global or printer specific options to determine which printers are allowed to release the print jobs sent to the pull print queue. The global option is found in Tools > Settings > General, in the "Pull Print Default" section. The global option that can be turned on is:
  •  Allow Pull Print jobs to be released to this printer
The printer specific settings are found in the Administrator Console on the General tab of the printer object, in the Pull Print section. The options that can be configured are:
  • Use Global - Configured in Tools > Settings > General.
  • Use Printer Specific - Configured from general tab.
  • Allow Pull Print Jobs to be released to this printer.

How to release print jobs from the web-based portal

Print jobs can be released from a web-based release portal that can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can access the release portal in the following ways:
  • Direct access - Add "/release" to the URL from the self-service portal page.
  • System tray icon  - Right click Client Icon > Release Print > Print job Management.
  • Start menu  - Start > All Programs > Printer Installer > Print Job Management.
  • Link on intranet site
  • Release Station (see How to configure a Release Station)
    • This can be a PC or tablet locked down or in kiosk mode and set to only display the release portal. The release station will only be allowed to release print jobs to printers that are associated with it and will log the user out after 15 seconds of inactivity.
Once logged in with your Active Directory credentials, you will be shown your pull print and secure print jobs waiting to be released. Release Portal

How to release print jobs from the Printer Installer Administrator Console

In the Administrator Console you can release Secure and Pull print jobs in the following ways:
  • Release tab
    • When viewing the release tab of a printer designated as secure or pull print, you can release the print job for the user or delete the print job. The release tab will display the following information:
      • Job Type
      • Computer
      • User
      • Document Title
      • Status
      • Pages
      • Size
      • Submitted
  •  Print Job Release Console
    •  Click on Tools > Release > Print Jobs. The Print Job Release Console will let you search all printers that have been designated as secure or pull print and will return a list of the pending jobs to be released. You can release the print job for the user or delete the print job. The search results will display the following information:
      • Job Type
      • Printer Name
      • Document Title
      • User
      • Computer
      • Status
      • Pages
      • Size
      • Submitted

Local Release Portal (offline mode)

If the server hosting Printer Installer goes offline, the local release portal is activated on the end user workstations. To access the local release portal right click the client icon in the system tray and select Release Print > Print Job Management. From the local release portal you can select your secure and pull print jobs and release them to the selected printer. Notes In order to log into the release portal, the LDAP settings must be configured in tools > settings > general