TCPIP Printer Settings

TCP/IP Printer Settings

  • Automatically manage all end-user TCP/IP printers This option will cause all end-user TCP/IP printers in the Printer Installer to be managed and updated by Printer Installer.
    • If you would like to restrict the client update to a subset of the computers with the client installed, check the box marked Enable auto-management item-level targeting. Then click Show Filter and add the users, computers, groups, OUs, IP address ranges, or host names you would like to have converted.

  • Sync General / Port: When changing settings in a printer’s general or port tab, sync the changes on end user computers
  • Sync Driver: When updating drivers in the Administrator, update the printer driver on end user computers at next log in or when the user clicks refresh on the system tray icon.
  • Sync Profiles: When changing the settings of a printer's profile, automatically update the profile settings for all end-users during the next client check-in or refresh.
  • Allow non-administrators to modify/delete TCP/IP printers Allow non-administrator end-users to modify/delete TCP/IP printers that were installed manually through the Printer Install Portal.
  • Allow end-users to capture printer ports for legacy applications Enabling this option adds an option to the right-click context menu of the client system tray icon allowing end users to capture printer ports (such as LPT1) and direct output to a TCP/IP printer.