SNMP Alerts

SNMP alerts can be configured to send an email when specified events occur on a printer. When a printer enters an error state - low toner, out of paper, tray missing, etc. - an email notification will be sent to a specified administrator or group of administrators.


  • SNMP enabled on all printers to be monitored.
  • Network connectivity, over standard SNMP ports, between the printers and the PrinterLogic server.
  • Email connectivity via SMTP.

Configuring SNMP Alerts

  1. In the admin console, go to Tools > Settings > General.
  2. In the “SNMP Status Monitoring” section, check the box for Enable SNMP Status Monitoring.
  3. Choose how often printers should be queried under normal conditions and when an error has been detected.
  4. If the printers have been configured with a community name other than “public,” change the “Community Name” to the correct community name.
  5. In the “SNMP Alerts” section, check the box for Enable e-mail alerts.
  6. Choose if you want SNMP alerts for each printer to be on or off by default.
  7. Decide how many times in a row an error must be detected before sending an email alert.
  8. Enter the email server’s SMTP information and test to confirm the settings are working.
  9. Save the page.
  10. In the tree view of the admin console, select the printer or folder you want to set an alert for, then select the “Alerts” tab.
  11. Click Add.
  12. Give the alert a name.
  13. Select the error conditions that will trigger this alert.
  14. Select which users will receive the alert.
  15. Click Ok.

Note: If the user selected to receive alerts is an AD user, then the user's email address must be in the AD user object's mail attribute, and the LDAP server information must be correctly specified in the administrator console in Tools > Settings > General, including a bind user and password.