What you need to know when upgrading from PI4 to PI5

What you need to know when upgrading from PI4 to PI5

What are the major differences between Printer Installer 4.0 and Printer Installer 5.0?

  • Web based Printer Installer 5.0 is a web application that is ran on a IIS webserver.
  • Administrator PPPAdmin.exe Administrator functionality is now included in a web based Administrator console
  • Client PPPClient.exe functionality is now included in the new Printer Installer Client (PrinterInstallerClient.exe) that is installed on each computer and runs as a service. Simply use the provided PrinterInstallerClient.msi to easily deploy the new client.
  • Portal Printer Installer Portal (for self-service printer installation) functionality is now included in a web based Portal.
  • Database PI5 has a database back-end.  With a database back-end, multiple administrators can be using the Administrator simultaneously.
  • No Active Directory tree browser -Windows Print Server Links PI 5 no longer shows the Active Directory tree in the Administrator. To view AD printers and set deployment assignments create Windows Print Server Links.

Features of PI4 not included in PI5

  • Ability to associate Citrix XenDesktop client names in printer deploy associations
  • Printer Install Console is replaced with the web based Printer Installer Portal
  • Ability to deploy printers by Novell eDirectory groups
  • Ability to set printer profiles at each logon or every x minutes
  • Ability to set default printer by printer name in computer description
  • Ability to Profile AD printers (not necessary with Windows print servers)
  • AD Shared printer profiles are not migrated
  • Ability to remove printers not deployed or installed by Printer Installer
  • Ability to create an exception list for removing printers not specifically deployed by Printer Installer
  • Ability to browse the AD tree, select an AD object, select the deploy tab and add the printer object to enable the printer to be automatically deployed to the AD object during the next client check-in. With PI5 you browse to the printer, select the deploy tab and add the AD object.


In Printer Installer 4.0 and older versions, the licensing model has been a product version license with an optional maintenance license (support and upgrades). Printer Installer 5.0 has a subscription license where you buy a subscription to use the product for a specified time period. There are no initial product, maintenance or upgrade costs, only the cost of the subscription. Once the subscription time period has expired the product will no longer function until a new subscription license is added. Licensing: cost With a current PI4 maintenance license you can request a free PI5 license that will expire on the same date as your PI4 maintenance.  If you do not have a current PI4 maintenance license simply purchase a PI5 subscription. If you upgrade to PI5, the PI5 subscription license will expire on the expiration date of your current PI4 maintenance license. Prior to the subscription expiring, simply renew the subscription. If you do not upgrade to PI5 you can continue to use PI4 but support will be discontinued when your PI4 maintenance expires.

How to migrate from PI4 to PI5

Click here for instructions on how to migrate from PI4 to PI5