Enable client check-in every x minutes

Enable client check-in every x minutes: Enabling this setting will cause all clients to check-in with the Printer Installer server at the specified frequency. The client must first check-in or be refreshed to have the client's new check-in interval updated.


  • During each check-in the client will query Active Directory for user and computer group membership, using processing resources of the server handling the request and causing increased network traffic.
  • If you have the setting at 10 minutes and update a driver (with the "Sync Driver" setting enabled) that is used by 10,000 workstations, all 10,000 workstations are going to check-in during the next 10 minutes and download the driver causing significant network traffic that may cause problems. Make sure the check-in interval is appropriate for your network and server capacity, and if necessary, use Printer Installer caching or other caching (Riverbed caching appliances or similar) to allow the client to obtain the resource from a local location instead of from the Printer Installer server.