Managing Adminstrative Users

Managing Administrative User Permissions

Role based administration allows you to assign permissions based on the users role type. When you add a user to the Administrative Users list (Tools > Users page), the user will only have read access to the Printer Installer Administrator. To assign permissions to users, specify the user role type (Administrator or Non-Administrator).

Adminstrator Type Users
Administrators can do anything anywhere in the tree. They can add/remove other users, and they can configure any settings of the website. They can reset passwords of other users (including other administrators) but they can not reset the password of the root Printer Installer account. Adminstrator type users are granted Administrator rights to all objects in the tree.

Non-Administrator Type Users
Non-Administrator type users only have read rights to the Printer Installer Administrator. Allow users to have manager or deployer to objects by adding the user to the Administrative security tab of an object. Non-Administrator type users must be granted manager or deployer rights to objects in the tree.

Here is a list of the permissions each user type has:



Non-Administrator: Manager

Non-Administrator: Deployer

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