Managing Printer Deployment

You can deploy TCP/IP, Windows shared or LPR printers according to Active Directory user, computer, or group membership or IP address range.

Deploying Printers

You can deploy printers to end users by adding any of the following objects to the "Deploy" tab of a printer object.

  • Active Directory User
  • Active Directory Computer
  • Active Directory Group
  • Active Directory OU
  • Active Directory Container
  • IP Address Range

If the end user or computer object is listed on the "Deploy" tab or if the end user or computer object is a member of one of the objects listed on the "Deploy" tab, the printer will automatically be installed on the end user's computer during the next login or if the Printer Installer Client is refreshed (right click system tray icon and select refresh).

Removing Deployed Printers

You can remove printers that were deployed to end user computers by simply removing the deployment assignment that deployed the printer to the end user. The Printer Installer Administrator > Tools > Settings > Client > Sync Deployment option must be enabled to cause the Printer Installer Client to remove end user's printers if they are no longer a member of the deployment group that deployed the printer or if the deployment assignment was removed.

Associating Objects for Printer Deployment

Follow these steps to assign user, computer, group, or IP address range to be deployed to a printer:

  1. In the tree, select a printer object, and then select the Deploy tab.
  2. Click on the Add button, and then click one of the object types. The Add dialog will open. Select the object, and click Add.
  3. The object will then be added to the "Deploy" tab.

Note: If the object is a group object, select the Users or Computers check box to specify if the assignment is for user objects in the group or computer objects in the group or both.

Note: If the user is connected to a Remote Desktop Services or Citrix Server that is running the Printer Installer Client in RDS Mode, the host device name (computer the user is physically using) and host device IP address will be used to lookup membership for automatic printer deployment, instead of the RD or Citrix server computer name and IP address. That way the printers are deployed according to the membership of the computer they are physically using instead of the RDS or Citrix server's.


Setting the Default Printer Automatically

Printer Installer deployment associations can be configured to set the printer being deployed by the association as the default printer. Your options are:

  • Never: The printer will not be set as the default printer.
  • Once: The printer will be set as default only during the initial printer installation.
  • Always: The printer will be set as the default printer every time the client checks in (login, check-in, or refresh) and the user or computer is a member of the deployment assignment.

If the user or workstation is a member of multiple deployment assignments the printer being deployed with the most specific deployment group will win.  Items higher in the list are applied over items lower in the list. Here is the priority list.

  1. User
  2. Computer
  3. Group (user membership)
  4. Group (computer membership)
  5. Indirect user group (group is member of assigned group)
  6. Indirect computer group (group is member of assigned group)
  7. Container user
  8. Container computer
  9. Child-container user
  10. Child-container computer
  11. IP address range (smaller range)
  12. IP address range (larger range)