Printer Installer is a Web server application that gives systems administrators an easy way to centrally manage, update, and provision printers to end users.  It is designed to make printer administration, deployment, and self-installation simple for system administrators and end users.

There are two type of printers Printer Installer supports:

  • TCP/IP Printers
  • Windows Shared Printers

Managing TCP/IP Printers

By using Printer Installer with TCP/IP printers you can remove your print servers and eliminate all the associated costs: security, operating systems, environment conditioning, upgrades, maintenance, backups, power, hardware failures, and software. Printer Installer provides a Web-based Printer Install Portal for your entire enterprise to self-install printers; therefore, no matter where the end users are they simply open the Printer Install Portal and click on the printer to install it.  If you want to push printers, instead of having end users self-install them,  you can deploy printers based on the end user's IP address range, group, user, or computer membership.

Managing Windows Shared Printers

By using Printer Installer with Windows shared printers you will be able to provide a central Web-based Printer Install Portal for your entire enterprise to self-install printers. Printer Installer Exe Edition makes it easy to deploy printers.  Simply associate the IP address range, user, workstation, or group object to the printer, and if the user or the computer is a member of the object, the printer will be automatically deployed.

Printer Installer has a simple web interface that lets you get started in seconds. In the Printer Installer Administrator you create folder objects that represent geographical locations, and then create printer objects in those folders that represent physical printers.

Printer Installer Administrator

Once the printer objects are created/imported, you can choose to automatically deploy printers to end users by IP address range, subnet, Active Directory user, computer, and group or enable end users to self-install printers through the Web-based Printer Install Portal.

If you choose to have your end users self-install printers, they simply open the Printer Install Portal and click on a printer to install it.

Printer Install Portal

Printer Installer Client

The Printer Installer Client is a service that runs on end user computers.  At login it will install any printers that have been associated to the user or computer.  The Printer Installer Client also does all the behind the scenes work of installing a printer when an end user runs the Printer Install Portal to install a printer.

Deploying the Printer Installer Client is easy; simply include the provided msi file or setup file in a group policy software installation package or any other method you currently use for deploying software to end user computers.

If you don't deploy the Printer Installer Client the end users can manually install it by following the prompts when they first attempt to install a printer from the Printer Install Portal.

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