Using Printer Installer with Remote Desktop Services

Using Printer Installer with Remote Desktop Services or Citrix (Beta)

The Printer Installer Client can be configured to run in Remote Desktop Services mode (RDS mode). To enable RDS mode, you install the Printer Installer Client on the RDS server and it will launch PrinterInstallerClient.exe and PrinterInstallerClientInterface.exe for each RDS session that is created on the server, allowing the user to self-install printers from the web-based portal or allow you to have printers automatically deployed to the session.

Configure the Printer Installer Client for Remote Desktop mode

  1. Install the Printer Installer Client on the TS server.
  2. Activate the client's Remote Desktop mode by adding a new string value "TerminalServices" with a value "1" to the appropriate registry key:
    x64 RD Server:
    x86 RD Server:
  3. Stop and start the Printer Installer Client Launcher service.

How do end users self-install printers in a RD session?
Users add printers to TS desktop sessions by using the portal to browse to a printer and installing it. To open the portal they simply click on the Printer Installer Client system tray icon, it then launches the Printer Installer Portal and the user clicks on the printer they want installed.

How do end users delete a printer in a RD session?
Users delete printers by right clicking the Printer Installer Client system tray icon and selecting "Delete printer" and then selecting the printer they want to delete.

How do I automatically deploy printers to a RD session?
Select the printer's deploy tab that you want to be deployed, then add an AD user, group, workstation, OU, Container or IP Address range object.

Now if a user logs in and the user's user's user object, workstation object or IP address is a member of one of the objects that has been added to the deployment list of a printer, the printer will be deployed to the RD session.

Note: In a RD session the client will use the host device's IP address and workstation object when checking for membership to deployment assignment objects.

When users install printers and configure printer preference settings while in a RD session, will the printers be installed and have the same printer preferences if the user disconnects from the session and reconnects to the same or different RD server?
Yes. When a user installs a printer the Printer Installer client will save the printer information in the users roaming profile. When the user logs in to a new RD session the client reads the printer information from the roaming profile and creates the printer object(s). If the driver and port is already installed on the server they will be used when creating the printer object, otherwise, the client will download and install the driver and create the port and then apply the printer preferences that were stored in the roaming profile.

Why do users that are connected to a RD session with Administrator rights to the RD server see all user's printers?
Administrators that connect to the the RD server will see all printers from all sessions, as they have rights to see all printers from all users.

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