Using the Printer Install URL

Using the Printer Install URL

The Printer Install URL is a URL link that can be used in many different ways.  The URL is formatted in the following format: http://<domain>/<PrinterID>.  Example:  The 9-digit hyphenated number is unique to the printer object.  When the URL is clicked on or entered into a browser, the Printer Install Portal is automatically opened with the printer selected and the prompt to install the printer is presented.  If the Printer Installer Client is not already installed on the end user's computer they will be prompted to install the Printer Installer Client.

Accessing a Printer’s Install URL

  1. Click on the Printer object in the tree, and then click the General tab.
  2. The Printer Install URL is at the bottom of the page.

Ways to use the Printer Install URL

  • Place a label on the physical printer with the following instruction:  “Visit  to install this printer”.
  • Send the URL in an email.
  • Include it in any Web site.
  • Include it in any document.