Managing Folder Objects

Use folder objects to organize printers and other tree objects according to geographical location.   By creating folder objects according to geographical location your end users are easily able to browse the tree and select the printer they want to install.

Creating Folder Objects

To create a folder object do the following:

In the tree, right-click a company object or an existing folder object (click the “+” sign in the tree tool bar), then select Add Folder.  The Add Folder dialog box will open.  Type in the folder name and click Add.

Renaming Folder Objects

To rename a folder object do any of the following procedures:

Moving Folder Objects

Moving folder object may be necessary if your company organization changes geographically. Follow these procedures to move folder objects in the tree:

1.  Click on the folder object that you want to move and keep the left mouse button pressed.

2.  Drag the folder to the desired location in the tree and let off the left mouse button. All child folders and printers will be moved to the new location.

Hiding Folder Objects

You can hide folders from the Portal by right clicking the folder from within the Administrator and selecting the Hide from Portal.

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