Portal Settings

The Printer Install Portal is a Web page that end users visit to self-install Windows shared or TCP/IP printers.

Accessing the Printer Install Portal settings

  • Click on the Company Object, then click the Settings tab, then select the Printer Install Portal sub-tab.


The following options are configurable and determine the behavior of the Printer Install Portal when end users visit the page:

  • Enable "Printers Near Me": Printer IP Based:
    This setting will cause the Printer Install Portal, when opened, to automatically open the common parent of all printers in the same subnet as the end user.  The Printer Installer Client knows the local IP address of the user and does a search in the database to find what printers are in the same subnet, then opens the folder containing the most printers in the same subnet.  If printer objects from many folders are in the same subnet as the end user, the parent folder in common will be opened automatically.

  • Enable "Printers Near Me": Subnet Range Based:
    This setting will cause the Printer Installer Portal, when opened, to automatically open Printer Install Portal to the parent folder of the subnet object the end-user matches.  Enabling this feature requires that you create Subnet objects in the tree and place them in folders.  If "Enable Printers Near Me: Printer IP Based" is enabled, this feature will take precedence if both apply to a given end user.

Problem this option solves:
If your printers are in different subnets than end user computers (making it so you cannot use the “Enable Printers Near me: Printer IP Based” option), you can create subnet objects with IP ranges of the users in a location, and then place the subnet object in a folder in the tree with the printer objects that are near the end user.  When the end user opens the Printer Install Portal, it will open the parent folder of the subnet object that contains the end user’s IP address.

  • Enable "Install Printer Installer Client" link:
    Show the "Install Printer Installer Client" link on the Printer Install Portal.

  • Setting the Printer Install Portal Password Protect Option:
    The "Printer Install Portal Password" provides basic security to accessing the Printer Install Portal.  By enabling this option, end users will be required to enter the specified password to gain access to the Printer Install Portal.  The password protect option is a per company option.   To limit who can install printers by IP address range or Active Directory group membership, see "Using Printer Security to Restrict Printer Install".

  • Logo:
    Specify a graphic to be shown on the Printer Install Portal above the application in the customizable area (company logo, instructions, helpdesk phone number, etc.).  The graphic should be 1,000 pixels wide.