PrinterLogic and Plus Technologies Integrated Solution

Managing Enterprise printing in a large organization is a complex process. It involves multiple systems, servers, operating systems, complex network configurations, and IT workers of varied skill levels. This challenge requires solutions that will seamlessly manage back-end, high-volume printing as well as your front-end workstation printing needs. This solution must be effective in reducing infrastructure, reducing costs, lowering the volume of help desk calls, and simplifying IT management.

PrinterLogic and Plus Technologies’ integrated solution provides a single centralized interface for managing printers across the enterprise while providing powerful output management and still delivering on the promise to eliminate Windows® print servers. The solution reduces infrastructure and costs while providing a stable printing environment which simplifies the complexity of end-to-end printing.

The combined solution provides:

  • Automated printer driver management and deployment
  • Self-service installation portal for end users
  • The ability to leverage any network printer regardless of the origin of the print job
  • Document output management features including:
    • Intelligent rules-based routing
    • To-the-tray print confirmation
    • Document archiving and tracking
    • Tamper-resistant security (checks, prescriptions, etc.) on plain paper
  • Pull printing for both front- and back-end printing

The integration of PrinterLogic’s Printer Installer and Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager enables organizations to implement an Enterprise-class print management solution, encompassing both Windows front-end printing and business application-driven back-end printing. No longer will you have to configure and consult multiple print management tools to manage printing for every business system. Now you have complete end-to-end print management that significantly increases the operational efficiency of the Enterprise print environment.

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