PrinterLogic Improves Printing in Epic and Meditech EMR Environments

It’s no secret that being able to print electronic medical records (EMRs) quickly and securely is core to effective patient care and the sanity of healthcare professionals. It’s also well known that printing EMRs through systems such as Epic and Meditech is complex and confusing. PrinterLogic simplifies the process of print management for healthcare organizations that employ the Epic and Meditech brands of leading EMR systems.

Solving Print Management in EMR

PrinterLogic’s mantra is eliminate print servers! But when it comes to Epic and Meditech print servers, they are essential to the way the software sends print jobs and cannot be eliminated. However, they can be managed much more efficiently, and PrinterLogic comes to the rescue.

Now with Printer Installer, you gain central control of Epic and Meditech printers and changes. For example, when a new printer is acquired, you administer that printer queue through the Printer Installer admin console, and all necessary changes then replicate to every Epic or Meditech print server automatically. Printer queues can be created or modified on all associated print servers.

Now if a printer is changed, removed, or replaced, the IT administrator no longer must visit every Epic print server (EPS) or Meditech print server. Instead, the administrator makes the change in the Printer Installer admin console and the change is replicated to all the Epic or Meditech print servers. This saves IT time and headache in keeping all the print servers for EMR the same, reducing human error.

This white paper goes into the details of how to manage Epic and Meditech printing so that IT can focus on what’s important, patient care.

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