Healthcare: Better Patient Care Through Better Print Management

In recent years healthcare has undergone some major changes as the Affordable Care Act and Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs (aka “meaningful use”) transition the industry into a new digital age. Even as many organizations strive toward the ideal of paperless workflows, printing continues as an integral part of administrative systems or tracking lab work and prescriptions.

Amid these changing regulations and conditions, how can IT keep pace with the ongoing printing demands of healthcare? How can medical professionals print effortlessly and reliably to nearby printers in virtual environments? How is it possible to print securely and protect confidential patient information while still maintaining efficiency and ease of use?

In this paper, we will examine some of the current challenges facing healthcare and discuss how implementing PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software can reduce costs, simplify print management, support VDI and EMR systems, and add an essential layer of security. PrinterLogic’s solution can even eliminate print servers altogether.

  • Support roaming healthcare professionals
  • Make Citrix and VMware VDI printing frictionless
  • Manage EMR printing including Epic
  • Add additional printer security to sensitive documents
  • Make sure patient care is #1

Using PrinterLogic’s comprehensive software solution, healthcare IT departments can dramatically simplify the process of print management across the entire organization. Along with reducing the footprint of the hardware infrastructure, PrinterLogic saves time for admins as well as end-users, lowers front- and backend costs, and limits print-related calls to the service desk.

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