Print Jobs Cross WAN Three Times

When users connect to a XenApp session, the local thin client printer is auto-created in the session. When a user prints, the print job crosses the WAN through the ICA channel to the end point device and is placed in the end point device's local printer queue. The local printer queue then sends the print job to the print server across the WAN. The print server then sends the print job to the physical printer, across the WAN, where the print job is printed. In this scenario the print job crosses the WAN 3 times.

How can I stop my XenApp session print jobs from crossing the WAN three times?


  • Remote branch location(s)
  • Windows thick clients
  • End point devices need to support local printing
  • Centralized print server at headquarters or datacenter
  • XenApp application/desktop Sessions
  • XenApp auto-created printers