Printer Installer: Self-Service Web-Based Printer Installation Portal

The Department of Homeland Security - CBP's workforce, of over 58,000 employees in over a 1000 locations around the globe, use the Printer Installer self-service portal to quickly find and install printers. With Printer Installer, agents are able to install their printer without having to call the help desk.

The Department of Homeland Security - CBP

Empower End-Users

PrinterLogic makes printer installation so easy that even your end-users can do it!  By using our web-based, self-service, printer installation portal, end-users are presented the printers nearest them in a list or on an optional floor plan map. This empowers them to quickly find and install printers with a single click, without calling the helpdesk.

  • Reduce help desk calls
  • Quickly find and install printers
  • Easily deploy printers without scripting or GPO's
  • One portal for the entire enterprise
  • Single click printer installation

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