Case Studies

Pioneer Technology

Pioneer Technology is an end-to-end managed services provider (MSP) for organizations across a number of industries. The company implemented PrinterLogic to provide superior service to its customers, including a long-term post-acute care provider that was struggling with printing in a Citrix virtual environment. The print-management solution proved successful in every deployment scenario, substantially reducing the number of print-related support tickets and improving print manageability to the point of being nearly effortless. PrinterLogic—and its SaaS counterpart, PrinterCloud—have become Pioneer's go-to enterprise printing solutions, enabling the MSP to remain on the cutting edge and stand out among its peers by continuing to deliver best-in-class service.

Strata Information Technology

Strata IT is a California-based managed services provider that provides enterprise-class IT solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses. On the advice of another trusted IT professional, the firm rolled out the PrinterLogic solution to a regional healthcare client and saw an immediate 50% drop in print-related support tickets. The solution’s scalability and versatility prompted Strata IT to extend deployment to other clients in other sectors, and the MSP began touting PrinterLogic’s advantages as part of its core selling proposition. PrinterLogic has saved the MSP time and personnel costs, while winning over customers with its operating efficiencies and ease of use.

Navicent Health

Founded in 1994, Navicent Health is a regionally distributed, award-winning nonprofit corporation that operates several healthcare facilities ranging from small-scale clinics to the nationally distinguished 637-bed hospital known as The Medical Center, Navicent Health in Macon, GA. IT staff were making daily visits to remote sites to solve print-related issues that stemmed from multiple printing pools in the VMware environment and the strictures of the Cerner PowerWorks EMR solution. Since implementing PrinterLogic, those support requests and onsite visits have dropped to zero, which has empowered Navicent's medical professionals and saved key IT staff valuable hours that can now be allocated to further ROI-generating projects.

City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town is a highly distributed organization with 600+ locations. Before PrinterLogic, they employed 140 print servers. The network was becoming increasingly difficult for IT to manage; aging servers were going down more often, leaving thousands of employees unable to print for days. A virtually managed environment only made things worse. With PrinterLogic, the city eliminated its print servers, streamlined printer and driver management, and saw dramatic reductions in help-desk costs for some 20,000 employees. PrinterLogic is represented in South Africa by Blue Label Technology Solutions (BLTS). BLTS is an established value-added distributor to many leading southern African IT channel partners.

Dialysis Clinic, Inc.

Dialysis Clinic, Inc. is a nationwide medical service provider focused on the treatment of kidney disease. They used a distributed print-server environment in 275 locations that was difficult and time-consuming to manage. Printer drivers caused ongoing problems with EMR printing and downtime in their Citrix environment. With PrinterLogic, they were able to eliminate their print servers and manage 850 remote printers from a centralized admin console. "With the sheer volume of printing we do and the problems that we were seeing, print management was our focus for a long time. PrinterLogic took care of that. We were able to begin work on more interesting and important IT-related projects for DCI because we had more staff availability and more resources." The organization also reported a 90 percent reduction in help-desk tickets.

Georgia System Operations Corporation

A large, broadly distributed electric utility cooperative needed a more dependable print solution. GSOC’s 800+ employees and 250 printers across Georgia used a mix of aging print servers and direct-IP printing that had become unmanageable—especially with so many remote locations. End users needed to be able to install printers themselves. Several print servers were eliminated, and PrinterLogic enabled a seamless migration to a next-generation, centrally managed solution. End users now enjoy easy self-service printer installation without help-desk assistance. “It really doesn’t get any easier than using PrinterLogic…a nine-year-old could do it.”

Hunton & Williams LLP

Hunton & Williams LLP, an international law firm based in Virginia, employs more than 700 printers in a distributed Citrix print environment. It took an entire team of admins, including two dedicated to print management, to handle the firm's enterprise printing needs. The firm experimented with universal drivers, managed services and conventional direct-IP printing, but none were satisfactory. PrinterLogic’s centralized management console streamlined driver management and facilitated precise printer deployment based on Active Directory criteria. Every print server was eliminated, and IT resource costs were reduced significantly. BYOD guest clients can now print without sacrificing security. There’s accountability now because the firm has centralized auditing.

UW Health

UW Health, part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a nationally recognized health network that serves 500,000+ patients annually in 100 locations. They run a mixed Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop platform and use an MSP to equip and oversee their print environment. Before PrinterLogic, UW Health had 17 print servers supporting a fleet of 3,400 printers. The organization struggled with slow printing speeds and WAN bottlenecks. With PrinterLogic, they achieved a 70% decrease in print-related support costs and vastly improved print performance. All but one of their print servers were eliminated. PrinterLogic's direct-IP printing model kept print jobs local and efficient while retaining centralized management.

HAMBS Medical Benefits Systems

HAMBS, short for Hospital and Medical Benefits System, is a major IT service provider for Australia’s private health-insurance industry. The firm delivers a proprietary and highly respected application to its cooperative of insurance funds through a large Citrix server farm. PrinterLogic's seamless integration with Citrix environments, coupled with its user-centric flexibility, allowed HAMBS to strike what it calls “the perfect balance”…tightly partitioned printer pools with configurable levels of secure administrative access. The PrinterLogic admin console allows staff to monitor, adjust and deploy printers throughout the organization, regardless of server or domain, from a single pane of glass.

Snider Fleet Solutions

A leading truck tire and services company wanted to transition from the "absolute nightmare" of a conventional direct-IP printing environment to a centrally managed model. One of Snider’s printer providers, Sharp Electronics Corporation, proposed a joint venture. Sharp suggested that Snider migrate to a time-saving, zero-footprint print-management solution called PrinterCloud. PrinterCloud allowed the company to retain the benefits of direct-IP printing, but enjoy the many advantages of a SaaS solution.

Hrvatska pošta (Croatian Post)

The national postal operator of the Republic of Croatia employs 10,000 people at more than 1,000 post offices. The Post was preparing to launch its Citrix-based Private Cloud, but managing 1,900 printers in a fragmented environment would have been daunting and expensive. The Post deployed PrinterLogic in less than 48 hours—integrating the solution with their Active Directory and Citrix VDI. PrinterLogic’s driver repository and deployment features improved network manageability and dramatically reduced IT costs.

Panama City Surgery Center

A state-of-the-art medical facility needed to automate printer deployments and eliminate unnecessary infrastructure. Their doctors and staff worked in a fluid environment with limited IT resources. After migrating to PrinterCloud’s low-overhead SaaS solution, they eliminated their print servers, automated printer deployment, and gained added visibility into their print environment. The organization is now able to anticipate and respond to printer problems more proactively.

Helion Automotive Technologies

To increase efficiency and retain its competitive edge, a leading MSP sought to streamline routine management and server migrations while adding next-gen features to its print services. It leveraged PrinterLogic to provide its customers with cost-saving print management options, advanced print functionality and high print availability.

Northwest Area Education Agency

Dissatisfied with its hybrid direct-IP/print-server infrastructure, a regional educational services agency hoped to find greater scalability, manageability and functionality in a cross-platform, cloud-based solution. PrinterCloud provided the exact cost-effectiveness, advanced features and centralized administration the agency was looking for.

EPIC Management, L.P.

A multi-site organization specializing in healthcare management and consulting services felt hindered by the limitations of print servers in its Citrix environment. It used PrinterLogic to consolidate its print management, migrate to a cost-plus printing model and implement advanced but intuitive features like pull printing for added security.

AAA Carolinas

A large, geographically distributed service organization sought to standardize its printer fleet, gain more insight into its print environment and alleviate the IT support burden. PrinterLogic slashed print-related helpdesk calls, eliminated costly infrastructure and saved money through features such as print auditing.

DRT Holdings, Inc.

A global company with operations in the fields of aerospace, automotive, medical and power generation was looking for ways to streamline its print management along with the end-user printing experience. Migrating to PrinterLogic took just 48 hours, and the company saw impressive gains in "time and simplicity" through print-related efficiencies.

Wipfli LLC

A large-scale financial and advisory service provider felt hamstrung by the shortcomings of print servers, including time-consuming printer administration and a lack of visibility across its 40+ global locations. PrinterLogic simplified the onboarding process and provided unparalleled levels of cost-cutting insight into the organization's print environment.

City of Garland

A mid-sized US city had come to regard its five print servers as "constant pain points" that demanded too much time in administration and support. Both the number of print-related calls to the helpdesk and the time spent on print management were reduced by an estimated 75% after rapidly deploying PrinterLogic's print-management solution.

Kennewick School District

An expanding mid-sized school district could not get the scalability, ease of management and budgeting features it needed from print servers. The district chose to migrate to PrinterLogic, which paired smoothly with PaperCut and will ultimately save "hours and hours of support calls" resulting from routine printer installations and future growth.

Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey

A dynamic, geographically distributed healthcare provider faced the diverse challenges of delivering printers to its mobile workforce, high "invisible" costs of printing, and limited print-server scalability. PrinterLogic automated intelligent deployments and brought about a marked decline in print-related support calls and consumables usage.

Lamar Consolidated Independent School District

An award-winning school district with 22,000 workstations, 14,000 iPads and 1,100 printers was burdened by thousands of print-related support tickets and limited oversight of a distributed environment. After rolling out PrinterLogic in just two days, TCO and support tickets plummeted, saving the district an estimated $20,000 per year.

Lufthansa Technik AG

In a bid to abandon the complexities and limitations of Novell iPrint, a global airline services company aimed to transition its 12,500 users to a more robust and efficient print-management solution. Migration to PrinterLogic took place with zero disruption to end users and has saved "money, time and frustration" by eliminating print servers.

La Roche College

Having encountered issues with ThinPrint and group policy deployments during a campus-wide migration to a VMware environment, a private liberal arts college chose PrinterLogic as its primary print-management solution. PrinterLogic integrated seamlessly with PaperCut and streamlined printer deployments for increased uptime and ease of use.

RC Willey Home Furnishings

A multi-state home furnishings and appliance retailer was unhappy with its "split" print-server/direct-IP print environment, which required manual IT intervention. After rolling out PrinterLogic in one day, thin-client printer management was effortless and automated, and driver changes that used to take 80 hours were nearly instantaneous.

Large Diabetes Research, Education and Training Center

The Citrix print environment in a large diabetes research, education and training center lacked visibility, suffered from regular downtime and required manual support. A single admin implemented PrinterLogic in under a week, leading to immediate stability, unprecedented oversight and control, and a vast reduction in print-related support tickets.

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

A countywide law-enforcement agency found itself flooded with internal print-related helpdesk calls and overwhelmed by the unmanageability of conventional direct IP printing. PrinterLogic reduced the agency's print-related support calls by 95% and enabled centralized management of direct IP printing at 25 remote sites.

Hamilton County, Indiana

Contemplating a comprehensive print infrastructure replacement, a small county government instead turned to PrinterLogic to eliminate its longstanding problems with complex printer and driver deployments and lack of insight. PrinterLogic reduced infrastructure, increased uptime and helped identify print-related cost-cutting opportunities.

International Retail Business

An international retail business wrestled with the sluggishness of remote printing, driver management issues and complex printer mapping protocols that confused end users. PrinterLogic transformed its print environment with convenient self-service printer installation, automatic driver updates and non-WAN-dependent direct IP printing.

Fennemore Craig, P.C.

A top-ranked law firm with "heavy-duty" printing demands wanted to rein in the cost of consumables and make the printer installation process smoother for mobile users in its distributed environment. PrinterLogic introduced easy one-click installation via floorplan maps and reduced color printing by 85% through intelligent printer defaults.

New Pig Corporation

A top innovator in industrial leak and spill management sought to streamline its "cumbersome, time-consuming" printer-management process and empower end users with self-service printer installation. PrinterLogic halved printer deployment times and allowed end users to easily identify and install printers themselves with one click.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

A statewide insurance company with 138 field offices and 1,200+ employees needed to upgrade its aging Windows 2003 print servers but hoped to avoid the drawbacks of a consolidated print server. PrinterLogic deployed quickly, uniquely providing efficient centralized management and fast direct IP printing without localized remote infrastructure.

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings

A multi-award-winning law firm with international clients grew tired of constant print-related helpdesk calls and the demands of maintaining and managing print servers. By rolling out PrinterLogic in place of its print servers, the firm simplified printer installation and all but eliminated its end-user printing issues, saving costs and above all headache.

Princeton Community Hospital

After experiencing ongoing printing issues with its MEDITECH EHR system, including print downtime, a general medical and surgical hospital looked to PrinterLogic to replace its print server. PrinterLogic integrated seamlessly with MEDITECH, dramatically increased uptime and made end-user printer installations as easy as clicking a URL.

Cincinnati Police Department

After suffering a print server "meltdown" that caused extended downtime, the police department for a major US city sought to eliminate single points of failure and regain control over its 24-7 print environment. Implementing PrinterLogic created a robust, reliable print environment and led to an incredible reduction in support calls.

Children’s Bureau, Inc.

Citrix XenApp driver conflicts and a mobile workforce led to significant print management problems for a statewide nonprofit advocating for abused and neglected children. PrinterLogic's intuitive self-service portal and seamless integration with the organization's EMR solution eliminated complexity—and print servers—from the print environment.

Thompson Tractor

When an industrial-scale engine and equipment dealer found that group policy was no longer able to deploy printers accurately to its 1,500 employees across 27 locations, it went in search of a next-gen print-management solution. PrinterLogic introduced outstanding ease of use and precise printer deployments without needing GPOs.

Canadian Corps of Commissionaires

Faced with the challenge of managing a mix of personal and shared departmental printers, a Canadian not-for-profit organization with a focus on veteran employment implemented PrinterLogic. The result was an estimated 100% ROI within 12 months and ongoing reductions in consumables usage through PrinterLogic's print auditing.

Banner Bank

A regional bank defined by recent and future growth wanted to make printer installation in its Citrix environment simpler and more reliable. Thanks to its seamless VDI integration, PrinterLogic reduced the time required for printer setup by 85% while also empowering the bank's mobile workforce with dynamic location-based printing.

Oklahoma City Community College

A public post-secondary educational institution was determined to improve the printing experience for its end users and eliminate unnecessary costs of print infrastructure and management. PrinterLogic optimized every aspect of the print environment and delivered the desired "efficiency, effectiveness and simplicity" on the front- and backend.

Seventy Seven Energy

A diversified oilfield services company was spun off from a parent corporation, leaving it in need of a cost-effective print management solution that would deploy quickly, scale smoothly and allow effortless mobile/BYOD printing in its VMware environment. PrinterLogic provided that very solution while halving time spent on print management.


A leader in sustainable architectural metal wall and roof systems with 800+ employees across five locations wanted to eliminate its print servers while empowering its end users with one-click printer installation. PrinterLogic's self-service installation portal and web-based management console shrank the company's print infrastructure and support costs.

Laser Spine Institute

Challenged by the shortcomings of printing and managing printers via the WAN, a nationwide healthcare provider implemented PrinterLogic. The new print-management solution sped up routine printing, reduced support tickets and minimized reliance on the WAN, shaving hours—even days—off once time-consuming management tasks.


A regional integrated healthcare delivery system with over 40 locations had trouble meeting the dynamic printing demands of its mobile users and grew weary of individually managing its Epic print servers. PrinterLogic radically simplified Epic printer deployments and empowered mobile users with self-service printer installs.


An independent community bank struggled with managing 65 print servers across as many locations. After deploying PrinterLogic, the bank's 900 employees enjoyed a streamlined, user-friendly printing experience, and the complete elimination of print servers coupled with centralized management drastically reduced the costs of infrastructure and support.


One of America's largest construction companies was experiencing challenges in deploying, managing and supporting printers in its remote and temporary offices, resulting in excessive print-related support calls. The company leveraged PrinterLogic to gain centralized management of its printers, reduce support tickets and eliminate print servers.

Zeus Industrial Products

Tired of battling print server outages and driver compatibility issues, one of the world's foremost polymer extrusion manufacturers chose PrinterLogic over server upgrade and migration. With PrinterLogic, the company solved its downtime and print-driver problems, eliminated print servers and reduced print-related support calls by over 75%.


A major heavy equipment and engine dealer for the construction, mining and petroleum sectors grew frustrated by persistent printing issues with its print-server-based infrastructure. PrinterLogic delivered unbroken uptime and enabled the elimination of print servers across two data centers for reduced costs and increased productivity.


A premier provider of long-term and post-acute health care technology and consulting solutions aimed to improve printing and print management across its VDI environments at 2,400+ locations. PrinterLogic's next-generation print-management software eliminated print servers and improved services while reducing costs for the provider's clients.

CFCU Community Credit Union

A mid-sized not-for-profit credit union needed a LANDESK-compatible print-management solution that could replace its print servers in a cross-platform environment. The organization rolled out PrinterLogic fully in just three days, achieving "nearly instant" ROI through the elimination of print servers and related downtime.


A European company specializing in wastewater infrastructure put PrinterLogic at the heart of three major print environment migrations, each of which involved hundreds of printers across 100+ locations. PrinterLogic enabled the seamless transition from one platform to another through the elimination of print servers and centralized management.

APi Group, Inc.

Following several acquisitions, an international company in the industrial and construction sectors aimed to consolidate its diverse print environments with a unified easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage print-management solution. Through PrinterLogic, printing and print management at all 160 locations were centralized, standardized and simplified.


Prior to a huge merger, a global human capital and management consulting company needed to standardize, secure and stabilize its disparate print environments while migrating from an outdated printing solution. PrinterLogic made that possible by smoothing the transition to Active Directory while centralizing and streamlining print management.

GH Metal Solutions

A leading American manufacturer of metal parts aimed to rid its VMware environment of print servers—and their related problems—across 14 offices nationwide. PrinterLogic deployed seamlessly to eradicate downtime, simplify management, minimize print-related support calls and provide the company with powerful print-auditing tools.


As it worked to roll out Epic print servers, a nationally recognized charitable healthcare organization was feeling daunted by rapid projected growth from 400 to 4,000 printers. PrinterLogic enabled the organization to scale its print environment smoothly and simplify Epic print management, saving "hundreds of hours" in deployment time.
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