Why PrinterLogic?

This video shows the benefits associated with eliminating print servers while providing centralized management of direct IP printing, which allows you to keep all print jobs local, removing single points of failure and eliminating print job-related WAN traffic, all from a single highly available centralized web application.

77 Energy Eliminates Print Servers with PrinterLogic

Chris Dodds, Systems Architect at 77 Energy talks about why PrinterLogic was the only print management solution that supported 77 Energy's Cloud First initiative. PrinterLogic's simple interface also gave him a simple way to manage his environment, add users as it acquires new companies and empowers end users to install their own printers without the need for a service desk call.

Digital Realty Simplifies Print Management with PrinterLogic

Mike Bottomley, Lead Systems Administrator at Digital Reality, discusses how he uses PrinterLogic's print management solution to manage his entire print environment from a single web administrator console to support the company's 1,000 plus employees across 80 different properties.

Eliminate Print Servers: VCPI Simplifies Printing Across 2,400 Locations

How did VCPI use PrinterLogic's enterprise print management solution to simplify printing across such a vast amount of locations? This webinar, featuring Nick Cavalancia of Techvangelism, Eric Graham of VCPI, and Devin Anderson of PrinterLogic, will review the challenges VCPI was facing and how PrinterLogic was able to provide a solution for those obstacles.

Dachser Uses PrinterLogic to Simplify Citrix Printing and Centrally Manage its Printer Environment

Dachser eliminated several print serves by deploying PrinterLogic within its Windows and Citrix environments. The organization now has centralized printer management and uses the PrinterLogic self-installation portal to allow end-users to quickly and easily install their own printers. PrinterLogic is very easy to implement and the support team is both responsive and helpful.

Eliminating Print Servers with PrinterLogic

Happy customers at Dell World 2014 in Austin, Texas talk about how PrinterLogic added value to their print environments by helping them eliminate print servers and simplify their printer management.

PrinterLogic Eliminates Print Servers in Alstom

PrinterLogic eliminated hundreds of print servers in infrastructure migration from Windows Server 2003. Raslan Lequet from Alstom gives an overview of the implementation.

Working at PrinterLogic: Marketing Events Team Takes on VMworld

VMworld: the PrinterLogic experience. Giveaways, presentations, and so many people eliminating print servers!

Join Our Team

"We solve a problem that is very painful to people. When you go to a trade show and you have that simple little phrase that says, 'eliminate print servers,' it's not just a printer management problem; it's a data center infrastructure issue. So you get to talk with the highest-level IT minds, figuring out how this solution can dramatically solve major infrastructure problems."

Print Server Zombie Apocalypse

Printing across the entire enterprise has come to a halt. Print Servers have failed and angry end users have turned into zombies and are breaking down the door of the last remaining IT tech. Your mission - if you choose to accept it - is to implement PrinterLogic to eliminate the threat from print servers and deploy centrally managed direct IP printing. By simplifying printing and empowering end users to install their own printers with a single click you will stop the Zombie infestation dead in its tracks. Let's get it done!

Working at PrinterLogic: Kyle Yardley

Kyle Yardley is an avid trail-runner and a crucial PrinterLogic Marketing Specialist for trade shows and events. "My favorite experience—it happens at every trade show. Without fail, there will be a customer that is at that show that will stop by our booth and interrupt me and my message and just tell everybody how great PrinterLogic is and how well it helped them. That's always a rewarding experience to have in a trade show."

Working at PrinterLogic: Shane Harris

Whether traversing terrain on the mountain bike or leading collaboration and goal-achievement within PrinterLogic, Shane Harris loves to tackle the challenge! "You come to work; it's a fast-paced, changing environment. There are a lot of challenges where you need to...adapt and to navigate your way through. There's not a clear-cut solution; you have to be creative to find it." "You feel good when you help somebody do something that they believed in or that they really wanted to do—I get to do that everyday, so it's pretty exciting."

Working at PrinterLogic: Matt Riley

Matt is "the guy that fell out of a cereal box; a talk-show host that just likes to make people laugh." He's also a talented landscape-photographer and a crucial team member at PrinterLogic. "To me, it all comes down to how well we are serving our customers, which means we have to deliver the best technology in the world. It means our support team has to be the best support team in the world. We see the excitement in our customers, we hear it in their voices. And here we are, solving printing problems and we are getting people shouting from the rooftops about how excited they are about PrinterLogic and what our solution set brings to them. And that enables them to have less infrastructure and to do more at a lower cost."

Eliminate Your Print Servers, on the Weekend

"One of the problems of making your life's mission the elimination of print servers off the face of the earth is what the heck do you do during the weekends."
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