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Print Server Elimination

Learn how you can eliminate print job related WAN traffic; centrally manage all printers from a single server; leverage integrated modules for auditing, mobile and pull printing; enable self-service printer installation for end users; simplify remote session and VDI printing environments; and remove single points of failure by eliminating print servers.

Improving FITARA/DCOI Scores in U.S. Government Agencies

Congress has tasked federal IT managers with modernizing the government’s sprawling infrastructure, and bringing these systems into compliance with the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). Progress is graded, report-card style, as mandated by the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA). Learn how security measures like printer-agnostic secure CAC/PIV print release can help federal agencies better meet DCOI requirements and improve FITARA scores.

Securing Print Infrastructure in Government Agencies

IT professionals working for and with the government know that information security can be a difficult problem to tackle, especially in the print environment. Data breaches, whether malicious or accidental, can be costly. Learn how to mitigate or eliminate common print-security attack vectors in this white paper.

PrinterLogic and Plus Technologies Integrated Solution

PrinterLogic and Plus Technologies’ integrated solution provides a single centralized interface for managing printers across the enterprise while providing powerful output management and still delivering on the promise to eliminate Windows® print servers. The solution reduces infrastructure and costs while providing a stable printing environment which simplifies the complexity of end-to-end printing.

PrinterLogic Improves Printing in Epic and Meditech EMR Environments

Efficient, reliable printing in today's EMR environments is essential to helping healthcare institutions deliver top-tier patient care. Print management solutions from PrinterLogic enable you to manage, migrate, and provision printers more simply and cost-effectively within Epic and Meditech EMR environments. You improve care while reducing infrastructure, support, and service desk costs. And PrinterLogic can help you make it happen.

Mobile Printing

Mobile employees are more common than ever, and enterprises struggle with providing an easy way for those mobile users to print from any office they happen to be in. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution enables mobile employees, BYOD users and guests to print natively from their mobile devices or from any device, via simple email-to-print functionality regardless of whether they are on- or off-network.

K-12 Classroom Secrets for Making Printers Easier to Manage and Turning Teachers into Raving Fans

We asked K-12 IT professionals what they’ve learned about simplifying printer administration and helping teachers become more self-reliant when it comes to printer problems. They identified five common problems—including print-server bottlenecks, time-consuming driver management, unnecessary help-desk tickets, and Chromebook printing. Solutions and real-life examples are discussed for each problem area. This six-page white paper is a quick read, and features real-life examples and quotes.

Five Critical Mistakes in Banking That Make Printing Vulnerable & Expensive

The banking industry is one of the most regulated and scrutinized industries in our economy. We asked hundreds of IT professionals what they’ve learned about the most secure and cost-effective ways to manage printers on their company’s network. They identified five common mistakes, including several issues that impact data security and compliance. Solutions and real-life examples are discussed for each area of vulnerability. Topics include secure pull printing, ways to eliminate print servers and cut printer downtime, and strategies for slashing help-desk calls. This four-page white paper is a quick read and features real-life examples and quotes from banking IT professionals.

Professional Services

PrinterLogic professional services take you through a 5-phase process to break down technical barriers and transform your core business into a powerful, centralized, direct IP printing environment. A dedicated project manager and Systems Engineer will take you step by step through an experienced implementation.

Financial IT Departments: Increase Security and Simplify Printing with PrinterLogic

With PrinterLogic, banks and credit unions can increase print security while also complying with regulations and simplifying print management. This white paper outlines the challenges banks and credit unions run into while supporting paper-based processes and how PrinterLogic solves those problems. The software allows IT admins to simplify all print management by eliminating print servers and converting the environment to centrally managed direct IP printing. It establishes a reliable VDI print experience by eliminating print servers, minimizing trips across the WAN, and introducing dependable printer deployments. Additionally, it increases print security and accountability through secure pull printing and auditing reports. Through PrinterLogic, financial organizations can maintain a stable print environment and ensure their clients’ assets remain confidential.

Printer and Driver Management

Print management consumes time and resources for IT departments. Tracking and managing printer drivers for diversified fleets and then deploying them to varying operating systems is challenging. Printer Installer simplifies printer and driver management and eliminates the print server to convert your environment to centrally managed direct IP printing.

PrinterCloud: Eliminating Print Servers

PrinterCloud eliminates the need for print servers or servers of any kind, thereby simplifying print management, reducing infrastructure, lowering costs, and supporting your move to the cloud. Learn how PrinterCloud solves the most prominent pain points in print management.

Complete Front to Back-End Print Management

The integration of PrinterLogic’s Printer Installer and Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager enables organizations to implement an Enterprise-class print management solution, encompassing both Windows front-end printing and business application-driven back-end printing. It significantly increases the operational efficiency of the Enterprise print environment.

Simplified Chromebook Printing

Chromebooks offer a compelling solution for those in education and other industries, but lack the detailed management capabilities of a PC or MAC and offer limited functionality for printing. PrinterLogic delivers enterprise-level print management and empowers IT staff to easily set up and administer Chromebook printing throughout their print environment and make any printer a Chromebook-compatible printer.

Healthcare: Better Patient Care Through Better Print Management

In this paper, we will examine some of the current challenges facing healthcare and discuss how implementing PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software can reduce costs, simplify print management, support VDI and EMR systems, and add an essential layer of security. PrinterLogic’s solution can even eliminate print servers altogether.

Windows Server 2003 Migration

There are many options for migrating your file, DNS, and DHCP services during your Window Server 2003 upgrade, but what about your print servers? Using the standard Windows migration wizard does not address all of your migration needs. PrinterLogic can help with the transfer of your printer settings, or simply eliminate your print servers altogether.

Pull Printing

PrinterLogic’s Release Printing Module increases the security of your existing print environment by securely storing users’ print jobs until the user releases the job at the printer. Release Printing from PrinterLogic works with all printer manufacturers, and can be configured to use two different methods: Pull/Follow Printing and Secure Printing.

How to Simplify Citrix Printing

IT professionals value Citrix for its scalability, accessibility and security. Although Citrix is the go-to solution for delivering remote desktop and applications to the enterprise, it routinely falls short when it comes to effectively deploying printer queues in a zero-, thin- and fat-client configuration. Printer Installer solves the many of the problems associated with Citrix printing by refining the printing process itself and providing powerful printer management.

Simplify VMware Horizon Printing

VMware Horizon brings many benefits to end-user computing including scalability, accessibility, and security, but with these benefits comes complexity. This paper outlines how a VMware Horizon environment works to deliver print jobs to a printer, explains the pitfalls and dangers of printing from a VMware environment, and shows how PrinterLogic solves the many problems associated with VMware printing.

PrinterLogic With Print Servers

Learn how you can eliminate print job related WAN traffic; centrally manage all printers from a single server; leverage integrated modules for auditing, mobile and pull printing; enable self-service printer installation for end users; simplify remote session and VDI printing environments; and remove single points of failure even with print servers.
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