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Printer Installer 19.1 Focuses On Quality Improvement, Canon Mfp Support
In Printer Installer 19.1, we've taken what was already great about our serverless printing software and made it even better. The new release adds comprehensive support for secure release printing on
Redefine Your Enterprise's Printing Infrastructure
One of the most common nuggets of wisdom in IT is to simplify. The more moving parts there are, the more possibilities there are for things to go wrong. The more complex your environment is, the harde
Printing Solutions For The Education Industry
Schools are pretty orderly, right? With its grades, classes, tracks, departments, periods, semesters and all the other ways it's categorized and arranged, your average K-12 or college often looks like
Seize The Opportunity In Windows 7 To 10 Migration
Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will enter its end-of-life (EoL) phase on January 14, 2020. While some organizations have already migrated to later Windows versions in anticipation of the EoL d
Secure Printing In Highly Available Print Environments
Have you heard this story? One of your workforce wants to print out a document. They open it and click "Print." Then they walk over to the printer. No document. So they walk back to their computer and
Success With Thin-Client Printing
Reduced costs, simplified management and improved security are just some of the reasons why organizations choose thin clients over traditional IT architectures. And thin-clients often deliver on those
Why You Need Print Tracking Software In Your Enterprise
Like it or not, we live in the era of Big Data. Technology has given us the ability to gather information on almost every aspect of our lives. We can then use that info to do things like improve our h
The Advantages Of Printerlogic's New Control Panel Platform
This week PrinterLogic is releasing the first in a series of all-new Control Panel Applications, or CPAs. These apps install on a printer and provide identity authentication for secure-release printin
The New Canon Control Panel Application (Cpa) From Printerlogic
PrinterLogic is excited to announce a new dedicated Control Panel Application (CPA) for Canon's imageRUNNER ADVANCE series of MFPs. Once installed and launched, the app appears on a printer's embedded
Secure Mobile Printing With Enterprise Cloud Software
There are currently two IT trends that are ready to intersect in enterprise printing. And when they do, they'll unlock an incredible amount of potential in terms of productivity and flexibility. The f
Secure Remote Printing With Printerlogic
Print 2025, a global study focused on printing in the digital workplace, has found that two-thirds of the businesses it surveyed ranked print among their top five security concerns. And with good reas
Virtual Printing Options Without A Print Server
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) adoption continues to pick up steam across multiple fields, including healthcare, legal, heavy industry and academia. We're currently in a period where the combine
Corporate Printing Solutions For Productivity
Of all the eye-opening stats on employee productivity and how it impacts corporate success, one in particular stands out: Once an interruption distracts you from your current task, it takes an average
5 Things That Make Printerlogic The Best Printing Software Choice
For years now, enterprise printing has been dominated by two structural paradigms. The first is print servers. The second is conventional direct IP. As potential IT printing solutions go, however, ha
What Is Citrix?
Even as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions see increasing enterprise adoption and enjoy more widespread popularity as a result, there are still lingering questions about their ideal use ca
How To Eliminate Server Sprawl
Just like urban environments, enterprise IT environments can experience a phenomenon known as sprawl—or more specifically, server sprawl. In this blog post, we're going to look at what exactly server
Secure Release Printing In Healthcare Organizations
Of all the challenges caused by enterprise printing (and there are many), healthcare organizations face some of the toughest. Their work environments are almost always dynamic, with medical staff movi
Starting Your Enterprise Print Audit
As security and cost-cutting become more prominent themes within enterprise IT, organizations are coming to the realization that true print management is about more than adding and removing printers.
Serverless Printing Infrastructure Advantages
"Serverless printing." When someone says that, the first thing that might come to mind is an off-the-shelf consumer printer connected via USB to a desktop or laptop. The more tech-savvy among us might
Eliminate Slow Network Printing
It's no great revelation that we live in a fast-paced world. Letters used to take weeks to arrive, and now we expect our written communication to be delivered instantly. We lose our cool if traffic do
Chromebook Printing Advantages With Printerlogic
Since around 2014, the popularity of Chromebooks has seen a steady increase—not just in the K-12 educational sector (although they have been pretty dominant there) but also in workplaces where Chromeb
Business It Solutions For Print Environments
Finding the right business IT solutions can be challenging under any circumstances, but the stakes can be higher in enterprise environments when scale becomes a decisive factor. That's especially true
Don't Migrate, Eliminate!
A December 2018 study found that 85% of companies are already reporting moderate to extensive production use of cloud infrastructure, and industry analysts predict that 83% of enterprise workloads wil
Is Your Enterprise Ready For Vdi Printing?
Cloud computing has almost everyone rethinking how they approach technology. CTOs, sysadmins and other IT professionals are increasingly aware of what their organizations stand to gain from reducing t
What's New In The April 2019 Printercloud Update
Following the much-anticipated 18.3 release of PrinterLogic's on-premises enterprise printing solution, our serverless cloud-based printing platform, PrinterCloud, has been updated with enhanced funct
Simplify Printer Deployment With Pull Printing
Lately, pull printing—also sometimes referred to as follow-me printing or secure printing—has been generating more and more buzz among IT professionals because it solves two important print-related co
Enhance Your Print Management With Printerlogic’S Printercloud
It's no exaggeration to say that cloud computing is transforming the way organizations manage and adapt to business conditions and opportunities. Because it’s based on an elastic operational expense m
Mobile Print Release Functions And Features
There have been a number of recent studies on mobile adoption in the enterprise, and their findings tend to point to one thing above all else—namely, the ever-growing importance of mobile adoption in
What To Look For In Print-Management Software
Printing continues to be a mission-critical capability in modern workplaces, even as those workplaces have fundamentally changed in line with wider social and technological trends. Today, mobile and B
Reliable Anonymous Guest Printing
Anonymous guest printing sounds somewhat vague, but it can be boiled down to a situation like this: A visitor from outside your workplace—it could be a consultant, a short-term freelancer or even an e
How Follow-Me Printing Solutions Improve Productivity
You have been working on this project for several months. It is important and today you are presenting your data to your company’s stakeholders at the main office. Problem: You’re running late to your
Protect Your Enterprise Documents, Data And Devices
There's a growing awareness of the risks of IT weak points and the costly consequences of security breaches. That has led many organizations to take a much more aggressive stance toward the security o
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Vdi) Printing With Printerlogic
As static, deskbound workforces morph into dynamic, mobile ones and IT departments take steps to maximize functionality while reducing infrastructure, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions ha
Secure Release With The Printerlogic Print Release App
When you think about “Serverless Printing” you probably don’t think about Secure Printing. It kind of seems counterintuitive, right? Having your print job securely held so that you don’t have to run a
What Makes An Enterprise Print Environment Secure?
Enterprise print security has become a hot topic over the past couple of years. High-profile malicious data breaches coupled with a growing awareness of the murky data-collection practices of Internet
The Continual March Into The Cloud
A lot of organizations are moving forward with Cloud first strategies. One of the biggest hurdles for IT departments to overcome when going “cloud first” is understanding what to do with their print i
How To Avoid An Enterprise Printing Breach
According to a 2015 Security Pressures Report by Trustwave, 70% of businesses believe they're safe from cyber attacks and data compromises. That means the vast majority of organizations—seven out of e
Spooler Crashing In Windows 2016
None of us truly believe IT fairies exist. But most of will swear that IT goblins are real! IT goblins are those issues that seem sporadic, spontaneous, and almost impossible to pinpoint the root caus
The New Print Release App From Printerlogic
For organizations that value the security of pull printing and the flexibility of mobile solutions, we at PrinterLogic are excited to announce our dedicated Print Release App for iOS and Android. Hot
4 Ways To Improve The Security Profile Of Your Print Environment
With all the recent advances in—and focus on—cybersecurity, we could be forgiven for assuming that data breaches are occurring less than ever before. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. The constantl
Deploying A Printer With Serverless Print Management
Broadly speaking, there are two major paradigms for enterprise printing solutions. One is classic direct-IP printing, which establishes one-to-one connections between the client and printer. It has th
Changes To Printing In Windows Server 2019
Server 2019 is Here! For those of us who have been operating in the Windows server space for a while now, it may feel odd that a new server version is already being released! Since 2003, IT organizat
Simplified Print Environments
A couple of decades ago, there were a handful of tech visionaries who clearly foresaw the future we're now living in. For many of us, however, it wasn't until much more recently that powerful pocket-s
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Advanced Print Features
Whether your organization is already using PrinterLogic or you have yet to implement our enterprise printing software, there are advanced features that you might not be taking advantage of. This blog
Print Management In A Hybrid Environment
Hybrid print environments can take many forms. For instance, one hybrid environment might comprise a mix of new and legacy printing devices. Another might be a combination of mobile and desktop users.
Printing From A User Experience Standpoint
Take a moment to consider all the elements that comprise your print environment. There are the printers, of course, and probably print servers as well. There are consumables like paper and ink or tone
Print Challenges In Enterprise Printing Environments
A great awakening is taking place. IT professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the time, effort and cost they constantly have to invest in their existing enterprise print-management solutions,
Printerlogic's 18.3 Release Brings Added Security, Ease Of Use
The release of version 18.3 marks the arrival of many highly anticipated features in PrinterLogic's enterprise print-management software. Several new features augment the company’s serverless architec
The Printerlogic Cac/Piv Advantage
In our recent blog, Barriers to CAC/PIV Secure Printing Implementation, we identified reasons why federal agencies have held off implementing CAC/PIV secure printing despite its security benefits. Bas
Problems With Current Cac/Piv Secure Printing Solutions
In our recent blog, Barriers to CAC/PIV Secure Printing Implementation, we discussed PrinterLogic’s research into why federal agencies had put off deployment of a CAC/PIV secure-printing solution. Par
Barriers To Cac/Piv Secure Printing Implementation
Federal agencies understand the gravity of a security leak, especially when it comes to sensitive topics. Since HSPD-12 came out in 2004, agencies have been working to secure their desktops, laptops,
Why You Should Start Using Print Analytics
In the age of Big Data, we all know how important it is to gather and, above all, analyze digital information that was once difficult to capture. With the right tools, we have the ability to gain unpr
Enterprise Printing For Chromebooks
Between 2015 and 2016, Chromebook shipments increased by an incredible 38 percent. In the years since, Chromebook adoption has continued to grow, particularly in education, where the inexpensive, vers
Pull Printing As A Strategy
The adoption of pull printing has really hit the mainstream in the past couple of years. In 2015, a study by research firm Quocirca found that 47% of all surveyed organizations had already deployed pu
Windows Server Branch Office Direct Printing
Back in October 2013, Windows Server 2012 R2 was released. It included a new and welcome feature called Branch Office Direct Printing, a feature that’s still available in Windows Server 2016. Because
Major Costs In Printing And How To Reduce Them
The total cost of printing (TCP) for any business can be a difficult figure to determine. Organizations might understand that it's best practice to find new and effective ways to reduce printing costs
Three Security Tips For Enterprise Document Printing
Secure printing should be an essential practice and integral part of document workflows throughout an enterprise—especially in the kinds of departments that deal with sensitive data, such as HR or R&D
Print Servers Not Working? Eliminate Them!
When you develop a next-generation print-management solution like PrinterLogic, you end up hearing your share of print-server horror stories. From disappearing and “ghost” printers to spooler crashes
Comparing Print Servers Vs. Direct Ip Printing
IT managers and system administrators who manage print environments will need to decide whether to use print servers or configure direct-IP printers on all their endpoints. There are trade-offs for ei
Guest Blog: Moving Beyond The Print-Management Status Quo With Printerlogic And Printercloud
Fun fact: At Wipfli, we print on the order of 16 million pages annually. We're CPAs and consultants with a 60,000+ client base that spans the globe, so maybe all that paperwork comes with the territor
Top Three Benefits Of Byod Printing
As if the trend toward mobile printing weren't enough for organizations to deal with, there's a growing subset of mobile users who require bring-your-own-device (BYOD) printing and guest printing capa
Print Mapping: What It Is And How To Use It (Reliably)
Printer mapping, as most folks who've spent any time in IT will be able to tell you, is the process by which a user or admin associates a client computer with a network printer to give that client pri
Self-Service Printing
In our technology-rich age, what is print management and how has it evolved from its earlier iterations? What does enterprise print management look like in an organization that's well positioned to me
Guest Blog: Leveraging Printerlogic's Effortless Management To Eliminate Gpos
This is a "part two" to my earlier guest blog describing our experience with PrinterLogic at Navicent Health, a large nonprofit healthcare corporation based in Georgia. In that post, I talked about ho
Powerful, Streamlined Print Management For Managed Service Providers (Msps)
Managing one print environment can be hard enough. Managing several at the same time can seem downright daunting. And for managed service providers (MSPs) whose cost structures are highly sensitive to
Guest Blog: Simplifying A "Clustered" Virtual Environment With Printerlogic
I work as an Information Services Technician Level III for Navicent Health, a nonprofit healthcare corporation that provides a wide range of care across a large network of hospitals and care centers t
Ghost Printers And Their Proper Exorcism
Since it’s Halloween, let’s dive into something scary. What follows is a true story about my cousin’s friend. We’ll call him Tyler. Tyler was a consultant a few years back, digging through the creepy
Fixing Slow Network Printing
Slow speeds. It’s the unforgivable sin in modern IT. We want everything fast. Patience is supposedly a virtue, but it’s a virtue that modern users in today’s fast-paced world of convenience and cuttin
How Suboptimal Print Management Is Affecting Your Bottom Line
Every system needs a periodic review to make sure it’s still functioning as intended. It’s a given that inefficiencies will arise over time, and that improvements that were greeted so enthusiastically
Securing Print Infrastructures
This article describes common security risks in network print infrastructures and explains how to secure your environment and reduce or eliminate the many vulnerabilities associated with print servers
Maintaining Print Performance Across Multiple Locations
If your organization has multiple locations and relies on print servers, chances are your printing environment resembles one of these three scenarios: A Centralized Print Network: This approach locali
Print Management Solutions For K-12
K-12 print environments have a unique set of end users and special requirements, and the print-management solutions they rely on should be up to the task. After all, how can you focus on educating and
Guest Blog: Eliminating Thorny Printing Problems And Adding Value With Printerlogic
Anyone working in IT will tell you there are two foolproof ways to make your end users angry. The first is if the internet connection is down. The second is if they can't get a document to print. Eith
Streamlining Print Management Can Lead To Substantial Cost Savings
If your organization isn’t already taking steps to optimize print management, it should be. Printing expenses account for as much as three percent of a company’s annual revenue, and streamlining print
Guest Blog: Using Printerlogic To Consolidate A Fragmented Citrix/Emr Environment
Progressive MSPs seek win-win partnerships As Director of Technical Services at a fast-growing managed service provider, I’m always on the lookout for the best IT solutions I can find. The reasons ar
Top Three Gains From Advanced Print Management
Print-management strategies range from traditional in-house solutions to outsourced managed services. We’ll examine some of the most significant benefits—including those offered by PrinterLogic’s prin
Don't Overlook The Ongoing Costs Of Print Servers
Print servers have always been an expensive venture, although their status as an established print-management solution has led many organizations tend to overlook just how expensive they really are. O
How Follow-Me Printing Improves Security And Reduces Costs
“Follow-me” printing solutions, also known as pull printing, are gaining traction in the enterprise, not least because of increased concerns over data breaches and security compliance. Although enterp
Why Switch From Windows Server To Printerlogic For Print Management?
As part of the natural upgrade cycle, it's not uncommon for organizations to migrate to the latest Windows Server release out of familiarity or force of habit. And even though Windows Server 2012 R2 (
How To Eliminate Common Printer Installation Issues
On an enterprise scale, printer installation hang-ups cause significant losses in productivity and serious burdens on IT support teams. While these issues have a clear and direct impact on the organiz
Using Pin Authentication For Printing Security With Printerlogic
Secure printing isn’t very effective if it’s not easy for users. If authentication schemes are too difficult, users may avoid them for the sake of convenience. That's why PrinterLogic has added PIN Au
How To Make Printing With Meditech Easier
Thousands of healthcare organizations around the world use Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions like MEDITECH to manage their patients' information. These systems are designed to ensure strict re
Guest Blog: Banishing Print Traffic From Your Wan With Printerlogic
Written by Philip Sellers. Originally published in, May 29, 2018 The requirement: secure and centralize print management. But moving traditional Windows print servers into your datacente
Printer Deployment: Gpo Vs. Startup Scripts
Not long ago, I was asked, “Why should I stop using free GPOs and pay for a service?” Let’s explore how GPO printer deployments work, compare that with using startup scripts, and then discuss printer
Vdi Printing—How Printerlogic Streamlines Vmware Horizon View Printing
In How PrinterLogic Streamlines Citrix Virtual Desktops Printing, we took a brief but focused look at Citrix printing in a Virtual Desktops environment—its benefits, its mechanics, and ways to enhance
How To Track Cost-Per-Page For Printing
Figuring cost-to-print involves a lot of network logistics. If you’re tasked with tracking and reducing these costs, it takes time to generate and analyze the information. We’ll look at common practic
Vdi Printing—How Printerlogic Streamlines Citrix Virtual Desktops Printing
Citrix Virtual Desktops is the go-to virtual desktop interface (VDI) solution for thousands of organizations. Whether large or small, niche or mainstream, they use Virtual Desktops to deliver a consis
Secure Print Release: Print Management Solutions
Take a quick straw poll of enterprise-level organizations regarding their IT priorities, and one word will rise to the top: security. Enterprise executives and IT professionals are becoming acutely aw
A Better Way To Manage Printer Preferences
It’s common knowledge that one of the best ways to cut print costs across the organization is to default to printing duplex in grayscale. Getting users to comply with these guidelines can be challengi
Printercloud: The Smart Alternative To Print Management As A Service
Thinking about alternative approaches to print management? Let’s explore a few options. Generally speaking, there are two categories of print management: on-premises and off-premises. The former is ho
Solving Printer Redirection Issues With Epic Printing
Printer redirection. Sounds simple on the surface: A print job in a client session is directed to a local printer. Conceptually, it’s not all that different from a desktop shortcut. In practice, howev
How To Solve Three Common Citrix Printing Problems
More than 300,000 organizations rely on virtualization, networking, and cloud solutions from Citrix Systems. Many of these firms would be lost without Citrix's powerful and scalable virtualization sof
A Look At Azure Ad And Printercloud
A key benefit of cloud computing is user mobility, but this requires traditional authentication methods to ensure adequate security. Active Directory, for example, must be moved to the cloud. Microsof
Email To Print To Any Device
PrinterLogic’s email-to-print functionality (part of the Mobile Printing Advanced Module) doesn't just work with any client. It also works with any network printer—even legacy devices. Plus there is n
How To Remove Redirected Printers In Server 2008/2012 R2
In many enterprise printing scenarios, including remote-desktop environments, printer redirection is a commonly used print-management strategy. But the reports of redirected printers not working are f
What Are My Options For Driverless Printing Solutions?
For a long time now, the never-ending struggle of managing and maintaining printer drivers has been a major source of grief among admins, regardless of the size or nature of their print environment. S
Solved—Vmware Printer Not Mapping
No matter what the shape or size of your VMware environment, chances are you've run into VMware printing issues along the way. Given that printing is a basic need in most organizations, it can be a st
Print Management Security In The Cloud
Security is a hot topic in the technology field and print management security shouldn’t be left out of the conversation. Confidential documents being printed each day, IT staff is at work to make sure
Solved: Citrix Printing Delay
We've covered—and solved!—several common Citrix printing problems (such as WAN vulnerabilities and Virtual Apps-specific issues) in previous blog posts, but this time I'd like to concentrate on one th
How To Reduce Paper Usage In The Workplace
Sustainability is a hot topic all over the world, and the enterprise is certainly no exception. It's hard to find an organization that hasn't already implemented one or more green initiatives—not just
Reduce Printing Costs With Printercloud
Once organizations realize how much they're actually spending on SMB or enterprise printing, they often want to take immediate steps to reduce print costs. The question that naturally arises is, what
Eliminate Network Bandwidth Problems With Thin Client Printing
The thin client architecture is ideal for environments that want to maintain a high degree of flexibility and a relatively low level of maintenance. Instead of having to touch each workstation when a
Hurdles For Accurate Gpo Printer Deployments
When deploying printers, accuracy is key. If an end user winds up with the wrong printer, too many printers or even no printer, you're looking at printing errors, wasted consumables, unnecessary frust
Solved—Printer Not Mapping Through Group Policy
Group policy can be a useful, even essential tool for administrators when managing their IT environment. At the same time, group policy can be a colossal headache for those same admins when it results
Print Management Trends: 2018
For many years now, and with only a few notable exceptions, print management in the enterprise has remained fairly stagnant. The vast majority of organizations are conducting print management more or
Best Strategies For Deploying Print Servers
So, your organization has reached a point where it's time to deploy another—or maybe your first-ever—print server. There are good ways to deploy print servers, and there are not-so-good ways to deploy
Manage Direct Ip Printers And Print Server Printers
If you have a print server that has to stay active but you want to move to a centrally managed direct IP environment, you can with PrinterLogic. PrinterLogic is designed to eliminate print servers and
Should You Move Your Print Management To The Cloud?
Should we move our print management to the cloud? That's a question many CTOs and enterprise decision-makers are asking themselves these days. It doesn't matter whether their organization is small, re
Problems With Vmware Printer Redirection
Whether you've just migrated to a new VMware environment or you've been working with this popular VDI solution for a long time, chances are that you've struggled with VMware printer redirection at one
Citrix Printing Problems—Wan Vulnerabilities
From the enterprise all the way down to the home office, the WAN connection is the fundamental link to the outside world—communications, cloud services, info gathering, you name it. In Citrix environm
How To Set Up Advanced Group Deployments Of Printers
Getting printers to the right people at the right time in the right place is a very simple and straightforward process when using PrinterLogic’s software for printer management. It has a feature calle
What Is Saas Print Management?
You've probably heard a lot of about software-as-a-service, or SaaS, one of the many new delivery models made possible by the advent of cloud computing. You might have even heard about SaaS printing,
Tips For Printing With Thin Clients
Thin clients are fantastic on account of their reduced costs, improved manageability, tighter security and (generally) greater ease of use. I've added that parenthetical generally because, as any admi
Solved: Vmware Printer Not Working
For all the benefits of VMware, the shortcomings of things like printer redirection and location-based printing can create a fertile space for problems to arise. If your end users are having trouble p
Using The Network Scan Tool To Find Printers
PrinterLogic comes with a built-in network scan tool that allows IT staff to scan their subnets to locate network attached printers. It creates a csv file that contains the printer’s IP Address, Hostn
Citrix Virtual Apps Printing Best Practices
Many organizations have implemented Citrix Virtual Apps to reduce their physical infrastructure while increasing the manageability and flexibility of their computing environment. At the same time, the
Enterprise Cloud Printing Without Dependence On Your Wan
In tech circles there's a lot of excitement about the cloud these days. And rightly so. Cloud computing makes it possible to divest your organization of costly physical infrastructure while providing
Serverless Pull Printing—Secure Printing Without A Print Server
Pull printing has emerged as one of the most useful ways for organizations of all kinds to implement a secure printing protocol among their workforce. Not surprisingly, though, many organizations balk
Tips To Improve Print Job Tracking
As we all know, there's often a gap—sometimes a large one—between perception and reality. And how do you close that gap? Through impartial data, real-world information and analysis. In enterprise prin
Vmware Horizon Printing Best Practices
Virtual desktop interface (VDI) solutions like VMware have the ability to offer your organization a consistent, lean computing experience across a variety of distributed locations, but VMware Horizon
Virtual Print Problems
If only virtual print problems weren't real print problems. But it doesn't get much more real than when you have end users trying to print and they're encountering error after error. That's when the h
Easy Enterprise Ios Printing
Since the launch of the iPhone ten years ago, Apple's mobile devices—along with their bespoke operating system, iOS—have become ubiquitous. They're in our homes, our cars, our schools. On planes, buse
Citrix Virtual Apps Printing Problems
Like any virtual environment, Citrix environments can be incredibly complex. When that complexity is compounded by the inherent complexity of enterprise printing, it can lead to Citrix Virtual Apps pr
Eliminate Printer Server Sprawl
No organization sets out with the goal of creating print server sprawl. It's something that happens gradually. Take the National Widget Company. They started off with a single print server. That's it—
Solved: Remote Desktop Printer Redirection Not Working
On this blog we've previously shared fixes for when your redirected printer is not showing up in a remote desktop session, solutions for when remote desktop printer (RDP) redirection is not working wi
Network Printing Problems: Wan Bottlenecks
Without network printing, chances are that we'd all have hardwired personal printers. From an end user's point of view, that would probably be ideal. Printer and driver installation would be more stra
Is It Time To Switch To An Enterprise Cloud Printing Solution?
Even with all the hype over cloud computing, there's still some wariness toward cloud-based solutions in the enterprise. Though many organizations were quick to migrate to cloud storage and backup sol
Printing From Citrix To A Local Printer
You're an end user sitting at a Citrix workstation. You've just finished typing a document, and now you want to print to a local printer. It sounds simple enough, right? But, like many end users, you'
Print Tracking Software For Enterprises
Most organizations are all too aware of the role that information plays in making decisions with enterprise-wide impact. The more information that's available, the better those decisions tend to be. A
Print Auditing
IT departments are experts at tracking and auditing everything. IT departments audit failed logins, successful logins, access to files, file transfers, IP packets, DNS queries, open ports, closed port
Easy Fix To Network Printer Mapping Problems
If it weren't for network printer mapping, print management would probably be a whole lot easier. There wouldn't be the need to mess with the intricacies of group policy objects (GPOs) and roll your o
Print Monitoring Software From Printerlogic
How much visibility do you have into your print environment? Surprisingly, even in this day and age, this is something enterprise-scale organizations struggle with. We now have smart fridges that can
Easy Ios Cloud Printing With Printercloud
Whether it's a matter of security, ease of use or style (or maybe even a combination of all three), iOS devices have been rapidly adopted in the enterprise. That's called for some adjustments and acco
Healthcare Printing Solutions From Printerlogic
When large, diverse healthcare organizations like Princeton Community Hospital, Laser Spine Institute, Guthrie, OhioHealth and the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey were looking for healthcare printi
Eliminating Printing Infrastructure: A New Way To Manage Printing
There was a time when all printing was done directly from the workstation to a printer. As time rolled on, and companies grew, companies started to look for a better way to allow their users to print
Printers Not Mapping? Try Printerlogic!
When using print servers, mapping network printers is something that just comes with the territory. But as any network admin can tell you, it's not an easy process, regardless of whether you're a tech
Fix: Printer Not Showing In Remote Desktop Session
Remote desktop printing can often feel like it's more trouble than it's worth. Make no mistake: There are a lot of benefits to remote desktop protocol (RDP) environments. A leaner infrastructure, more
Printercloud: The Next-Generation Cloud Printing Software
As cloud-based solutions mature and become more suitable for enterprise-scale applications, organizations have started to look into cloud printing software that can handle the demands of fast-paced pr
How To Monitor Printer Usage In A Network
We're in the era of Big Data. We want to be able to monitor, collect and analyze information of all kinds—our exercise, our sleep, our spending, our workflow—as conveniently and unobtrusively as possi
How Do I Migrate My Windows 2003 Print Server To A Windows 2016 Server?
If you have ever come across the need to move printers from one print server to another, then you know how much of a headache it can be. If you still have the legacy Windows 2003 print server then it
How To Fix Slow Thin Client Printing
The thin client architecture has a lot going for it. Cost savings. Centralized management. A more consistent user experience. On the downside, though, printing with thin clients can be a much bigger h
Google Cloud Print Problems: Document Not Printing
Cloud printing was supposed to solve many of the inescapable shortcomings of print servers: a lack of environment-wide visibility, for example, or inefficient printer and driver management. And to som
How Can I Auto-Deploy Printers?
Getting the right printers to the right people at the right time can be a challenge. You have a wide range of methods you can choose from, ranging from teaching the end user how to connect to a shared
Enterprise Cloud Printing Trends For 2018
As cloud-based solutions become more widely adopted among organizations of all sizes and sectors, keen-eyed observers are watching specific trends develop within that field. Those broader trends natur
Branch Office Direct Printing Not Working: Solved
Beginning with Windows Server 2012, Microsoft introduced a feature called Branch Office Direct Printing for clients running Windows 8 or higher. This was done in response to longstanding problems with
Enterprise Cloud Printing For Android Devices
Have you been dragging your feet on adopting cloud printing? Or maybe you have a basic form of enterprise cloud printing in place but you'd really like to up your game? Supporting the world's most pop
Tips For Configuring Microsoft Rds Universal Printing
Starting with Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft debuted a new addition called Easy Print. This feature was designed for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments that were looking to increase printin
Solved: Printer Redirection Not Working In Windows Server 2012
Admins in remote desktop environments often rely on redirecting printers in Windows Server 2012 to deliver local printers to their end users. But printer redirection isn't always the most dependable o
Don't Get Complacent With Your Enterprise Print Security
True story. A friend of mine always used to keep the gate to his backyard secured with a heavy-duty padlock. Every time he wanted to mow the lawn, he had to run and get the key to unlock it. Every tim
How To Create A True Enterprise Mobile Print Solution
The enterprise has changed. The days of bulky workstations rooted to desks are over. Computing has become thinner, lighter, more powerful, more diverse, more mobile, and our IT environments have been
Print Without A Server
Printing with USB-connected printers is convenient and certainly simplifies troubleshooting, but once your organization expands beyond more than a handful of employees, it makes more sense to migrate
5 Common Printer Redirection Problems With Remote Desktop Services (Rds)
Many organizations rely on remote desktop services (RDS) to provide them with lean, flexible computing environments. Many of those same organizations also struggle with remote desktop printer problems
Eliminate The Need For Redundant Print Servers
What's best practice when dealing with print servers? Ask any IT expert and they'd probably end up saying the same thing: redundancy. Redundancy is key to increasing print availability because, let's
High Availability Printing For Vmware
VMware environments offer many unique advantages, but when it comes to VMware printing, expectations are no different there than in any other environment. When users click "Print," they want the print
Self-Service Printer Installation From Printerlogic
There's an underutilized resource in your organization. It's abundant, available on demand, and extremely cost-effective. It's your end users. Whereas traditional print management solutions like print
Remote Desktop Printing With Windows Server 2012 R2
Remote desktop environments are popular among organizations of all sizes and industries, but effortless print management and robust printing aren't exactly strengths of the remote desktop protocol (RD
Eliminate The Need For Printer Mapping Using Group Policy Objects (Gpos)
Still mapping printers the hard way? And by "hard way," I mean printer mapping using group policy objects, or GPOs. Of course, the hardest way of all is expecting end users to perform manual printer m
Simplify Enterprise Printing For Mac (Ios) Devices
How times have changed. It wasn't long ago that Apple computers were considered the go-to machines for creative types like graphic designers and AV professionals. But in the enterprise? No way. That w
Easy Printer Mapping For All Print Environments
Print servers were never the perfect print management solution, but over the past decade, they've really begun to show their age. Thanks to the breakneck pace of computing and consumer technology, we'
Stop Deploying Printers Using Group Policy Objects (Gpos) And Scripts
Even on the best of days, print management using traditional solutions can be an exercise in abject despair. One of the most basic requirements of any print environment is to have the right printers d
Google Cloud Print Problems: Google Cloud Printer Is Missing
Like most cloud-based solutions, cloud printing has become an attractive option for organizations that are looking to slim their infrastructure, increase the mobility of their client base and shift so
Print Management As A Service
Even on good days, print management can be one of the most challenging tasks in the IT wheelhouse. As a matter of fact, print management is one of the only responsibilities that overlaps with so many
Print Security: Protect Your Company's Devices, Documents And Data
With the massive proliferation of information in today's workplaces, protecting the sensitive data among that information becomes all the more important. We can put passwords on digital documents, enc
The Hottest Enterprise Print Trends
All of the hottest technology seems to be bursting forth in the consumer sphere. VR, AR, IoT, wearables, autonomous driving—the sci-fi world that the '50s and '60s promised us is finally here (sans hy
Eliminate Your Windows 2008 / 2012 R2 Print Management Headaches
Print servers have had a good run. They've enabled billions of documents to be printed and functioned as the primary print infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of organizations. They've even broug
Solving The Cloud Printing Puzzle
All of IT is a puzzle. Regardless of whether you're working with software or hardware, you have to make sure that each piece fits snugly within its larger environment, ultimately forming a single seam
Tired Of Delayed / Slow Printing With Google Cloud Print?
There are few things that annoy end users more than slow computing experiences. They dislike it when their computer is slow to boot. When it's slow to retrieve documents from a network drive. When the
Enterprise Print Audit Software From Printerlogic
The key to successfully administering a cost-effective enterprise print environment is truly understanding that print environment. Knowing its strengths and weaknesses, its layout, its levels of usage
Printer Driver Conflicts That Cause Printer Installation Issues
Take a moment to imagine a world without printer drivers. Where client devices and printers are able to interface directly. Where printer driver conflicts don't exist. Where routine printer installati
32- And 64-Bit Server Conflicts Stopping Your Print Spooler?
The transition from 32- to 64-bit computing was a significant milestone that went pretty much unnoticed by the average consumer. But IT professionals are all too familiar with the advantages of that t
Consolidate Your Network Printers With Printercloud
Consultants and industry experts are always advising us to simplify. To optimize processes. To do more with less. In IT, that usually that takes the form of infrastructure consolidation—that is, takin
7 Ways To Prevent Printer Driver Conflicts
Traditional print management would be less exhausting if it weren't for printer drivers. As things stand, however, client machines and servers need to be able to "talk" to the printers somehow, and, f
Should You Migrate Your Printing To Azure?
If you're researching potential cloud printing solutions and ways to migrate print servers to the cloud, chances are you've at least considered Microsoft Azure. For some organizations, that's a natura
5 Reasons To Adopt Cloud-Based Print Management
There's currently a lot of buzz surrounding cloud print management, and for good reason. For decades now, viable alternatives to print servers have been few and far between, so organizations reluctant
Cloud Print Setup Options
As cloud printing solutions gain increased acceptance in the enterprise as well as the SMB sector, more organizations are beginning to consider them as a viable supplement—if not outright replacement—
Printer Driver Installation In Vdi Environments
In virtual desktop interface (VDI) environments, the convenience of server-side computing is often offset by the difficulty this creates for print management. On account of their unique approach, VDI
How To Deploy Printers Without Group Policy
Group policy objects. GPOs. The mere mention of them is enough to send a shudder through the many admins who've wasted countless hours wrestling with their quirks and their nuances. Compounded with th
Printer Driver Management With Printerlogic
Enterprise print management would be a lot simpler if the only things that needed to be managed were printers. But, of course, that's not the case. Print management consists of both printer management
Printing Without A Print Server
For a long time—too long, in fact—enterprise printing has pretty much been dominated by two architectures. The first is direct IP printing. The second is print servers. Direct IP printing is great bec
Hospital Print Management Solutions
There are a lot of organizations out there running some pretty complex print environments. But if we had to say which sector tended to operate the most intricate print environments alongside incredibl
Your Guide To Windows Server 2012 R2 Print Management
Even as we're seeing more and more organizations switching to PrinterLogic as their preferred enterprise print management solution, there are clearly many who are still using print servers—despite the
How To Deploy Printers Without A Print Server
Print servers are so ubiquitous in the enterprise and such a common part of their print infrastructure that it might seem like there are no other options when it comes to print management. And yet, if
Print Server Management Is No Cake Walk
Tired of dealing with Windows Server 2012 print management and all the headache the goes along with enterprise print servers? You're far from being the only one. Widespread dissatisfaction with tradit
Cloud Print Management Vs. Cloud Printing
When you hear folks talking about cloud printing, it's hard not to get a little excited. The key benefits, such as access to select printers from almost anywhere and simplified printing from mobile de
Saas Printing In Your Citrix Or Vmware Environment
Software as a service (SaaS) has taken the enterprise and SMB spaces by storm, and it's not hard to see why. SaaS solutions, such as collaborative document editing or SaaS printing, provide organizati
Fixing Vdi Printing Problems: Heavy Wan Usage
There's a fundamental drawback to centralized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments that can be summed up in three letters: W-A-N. And, as we'll see, this can have a serious impact on your
Fixing Vdi Printing Problems: Improper Print Driver Installation
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments—usually in the form of solutions from VMware or Citrix—are used by thousands of organizations across all sectors on account of their simplicity and fl
Failover Clustering And High Availability For Printer Installer
When it comes to high availability for a printing environment, Printer Installer, by design, has you covered. This great product converts your entire organization into managed direct IP printing and e
Print Management Continues To Expand With Printer Installer 17.1 Release
We at PrinterLogic continue to expand features and capabilities for print management with the latest release of Printer Installer 17.1. This latest version has some very compelling reasons for you to
Eliminate Your Byod Problems
Bring your own device printing (or BYOD printing for short) has transformed the workplace print environment. It's thrown the doors of enterprise printing wide open to end users' custom devices, making
Cloud Printing: A Technical Overview
As cloud printing gains popularity and organizations begin to weigh their long-term print management options, they typically find themselves asking two important questions: First, how does cloud print
Is Your Cloud Printing Solution Not Working? Try Printercloud!
For one reason or another, cloud printing isn't working for you. Maybe your organization has already experimented—unsuccessfully—with cloud printing through a limited deployment or a trial run of the
What To Expect When Migrating Your Printing To The Cloud
Ready to take your printing into the cloud? Before you choose to float away toward next-gen software as a service (SaaS) or keep your traditional print infrastructure firmly planted on the ground, the
Cloud-Based Print Management: 3 Reasons To Adopt Cloud Printing
With all the talk about software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based software solutions, you might be wondering if now is a good time to start migrating your organization's printing away from traditio
Epic (Ehr/Emr) Printing Problems: Printer Redirection Issues
Printer redirection. Seems simple, right? A print job in a client session gets pointed to a local printer—not all that different, in a way, from creating and following a desktop shortcut. In practice,
Tackle And Eliminate Printing Waste With Pull Printing
Most organizations that are currently considering implementing pull printing in their print environments are doing so for reasons of security. And make no mistake: Given the serious risk that privacy
Saas Vs. Traditional Print Management
Software as a service (SaaS) is quickly gaining traction in organizations of all shapes, sizes and industry sectors. Why? Because SaaS brings some clear advantages over traditional IT solutions—the mo
Perfect Your Vdi Printing
A customer who was interested in PrinterLogic once asked us if our enterprise print management solution had been duly tested in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. Of course, we told hi
Remove Ghost Printers: Windows Server 2012 R2
There's something scary out there haunting the enterprise: ghost printers. This is the term for a deleted printer that keeps reappearing even though you've tried all the customary methods to remove it
Challenges Implementing Enterprise Cloud Printing
Cloud computing is quickly being adopted around the world by organizations both large and small. It's not hard to see why. Whether they deal with collaborative editing or cloud printing, cloud-based s
Evaluating Software For Printer Management
There are plenty of printer management software solutions out there promising to bring an end to your printer management woes. Even print servers, which don't exactly have the most stellar track recor
Do Backup Print Servers Save Or Cost You Money?
Best practices suggest that print-server-based print environments should create regular backups. The logic behind that is clear. Aside from backups being a fundamental part of any IT setup, print serv
Tips For Exporting Print Drivers From One Server To Another
The great thing about the digital age is that it makes duplicating and transferring vast amounts of information so easy—well, as long as everything goes according to plan. That's rarely more true than
How To Measure The True Cost Of Your Enterprise Printing
With enterprise printing, as with every other operational budget item, there are visible costs and then there are true costs. The visible costs of enterprise print management are fairly easy to calcul
Breaking Down Your Top Epic Printing Problems
Many organizations in the healthcare sector make use of Epic printing to handle the complex and ever-increasing demands associated with electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EM
Is Your Serverless Printing Secure?
For anyone who's struggled with print servers, serverless printing sounds like a dream. Just imagine the benefits: no unexplained spooler crashes, no single points of failure, no need to upgrade and m
Single Server Printing Solutions From Printerlogic
Generally speaking, print servers have two possible implementations. The first involves deploying multiple print servers across an organization, effectively distributing the total printing load. This
Terminal Server Printing Made Easy
A Terminal Server is used by many organizations that want to enable multiple users to connect to a single server system. As with any server-based infrastructure, however, it can be challenging to impl
Enterprise Cloud Printing Solutions
Enterprise cloud printing is fast becoming a popular choice for organizations that want to stay on the cutting edge. And not without good reason. Cloud printing, like cloud services in general, makes
How To Export Printers From Windows Server 2008 To 2012 R2
In every organization that continues to rely on print servers for its print management needs, it eventually comes time to upgrade those print servers. That upgrade process involves costs, time and oth
Print Server Best Practices: Windows Server 2012 R2
Print servers can be complex beasts. Just ask anyone who's spent time as an admin in a medium- or large-sized organization. Designed to make group printing easier, print servers have nevertheless mana
How To Minimize Your Wan Print Traffic Today
In distributed enterprise environments that rely on a central print server, you'll find that there are two fundamental disadvantages. The first has to do with the single point of failure that a centra
Key Considerations For Healthcare Print Management
The healthcare industry has a unique set of needs when it comes to print management—a statement that ought to come as no surprise to doctors, nurses, clinicians, front desk staff and hospital administ
How To Fix A Print Spooler Crashing In Windows 2008 R2
Print spooler crashing is one of life's more frustrating events because it's so difficult to pinpoint the actual cause. Print servers, in general, are susceptible to a whole host of software problems,
How Can You Safely Allow Non-Admins To Install Printers?
If you look around at different IT environments, you'll find that many of them adopt a "gatekeeper" approach in which admins hold the keys and grant end users access to various aspects of the infrastr
Is Your Group Policy Printer Driver Not Installing?
Getting the right printers to the right users has been a challenging task for print management admins ever since the first network printer went online. Even more challenging is ensuring that those use
How To Deploy Citrix Printers Without Using Group Policy Objects (Gpos) Or Scripts
I'll bet some of you had to do a double take when reading that headline. Wait, what? Citrix print management without GPOs and scripts? Is such a thing even possible in the complex world of Citrix prin
Eliminate Vdi Printing Issues And Headaches
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions are used by countless organizations all over the world to provide a consistent, easily managed desktop environment to their end users. For most everyday
Secure Enterprise Mobile Device Printing From Printerlogic
It can't have escaped your notice that the world has gone mobile. And that means more and more organizations are starting to look to enterprise mobile printing solutions to help them accommodate the m
What Causes Slow Network Printing?
Whenever your network printer is slow to respond, you might find that the delay offers the perfect time to think about the problems that cause slow network printing and what can be done about it. It's
Windows Print Server Alternatives From Printerlogic
For a long time, print servers have been considered the de facto standard for enterprise print management. It's not necessarily because they're the best solution, but they are capable of meeting gener
Eliminate Your Slow Print Servers
These days speed is a basic consideration in everyday life. We take the drive-thru at Starbucks because it saves us five minutes. We upgrade your smartphones because the latest model launches apps a c
5 Ways To Decrease Print Consumables Cost
Most organizations know that print consumables account for a significant and ongoing part of their enterprise printing budget. Research has shown that, on average, it can cost anywhere from $0.05 to $
Struggling With Citrix Print Driver Management? We Can Help
Citrix printing is one of those reluctant necessities in the enterprise. Your organization would be completely stuck and unproductive without it, which is of course, not something you or your end
Eliminate End User Printing Errors
What's the weakest link in your enterprise print environment? An all-too-common response is that it's end users—largely on account of all the end user printing errors that result in frustrated cal
Problems With Centralized Print Servers
When organizations are looking to reduce their infrastructure and simplify their print environments, one of the most common pieces of advice they're bound to get is consolidate—which, in IT terms,
Ways To Clamp Down On Runaway Corporate Print Costs
Oft-cited studies have indicated that the costs of corporate printing amount to roughly 3% of an organization's annual revenue. Many organizations have adopted that figure as a kind of yardstick t
Reduce And Eliminate Wasted Print Jobs
A 2006 study by a leading printer manufacturer found that 17% of all printed output in the enterprise was considered waste. Before we continue, take a moment for that figure to sink in. Thin
Cloud Print Services
Beyond any shadow of a doubt, we're already deep into the era of mobile computing. For end users, that means more productivity and a great deal more flexibility. For their employers...well, it's a
Is Your Print Server Causing Your Print Spooler To Crash?
Sometimes it seems like the most delicate thing on earth is your print spooler. Cough suddenly, glance at it the wrong way, speak a little too loudly, and it crashes—even on a relatively current a
What Can You Do To Decrease Your Print Server Downtime?
Remember that old prank telephone call: "Is your refrigerator running? Then you better go catch it!" Well, here's one for the modern enterprise: "Is your print server down? Then you better go chee
How To Decrease Your Print Server Downtime
Print server downtime is a fact of life for organizations that continue to rely on traditional print management solutions. If you absolutely want or need to keep your print servers in place, there
Print Spooler Service Not Running?
Having problems with your print spooler? If you get a dialog window that says it's no longer running, your print spooler has most likely crashed. Print spooler crashing is a common occurrence, and
Vdi Printing Doesn't Have To Be So Hard
There's a common assumption that printing in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments is destined to be difficult. It's not just that VDI printing is inherently slow, it's that the same f
How To Ensure High Print Availability For All Mobile Devices
Now that we're well into the mobile computing era, our standards have changed. Just a few years ago, we might have accepted compromises when it came to network access, app functionality, or print
Emr And Ehr Printing Solutions From Printerlogic
Electronic health record (EHR)/electronic medical record (EMR) print management often seems like an impossible dream. EMR systems like Epic and MEDITECH are undoubtedly valuable tools when it come
Are Your Current Print Management Practices Future Proof?
When planning their enterprise print management strategies, most organizations try to take a long-term view. They look to purchase cost-sensitive workhorse printers for their fleet and printer man
Common Cloud Printing Problems And Solutions
Cloud printing solutions were supposed to introduce a new level of convenience to home and enterprise printing, but sometimes it feels like cloud printing has only put a fresh face on longstanding
Finally, Smbs Can Eliminate Print Servers Too
When we launched our Printer Installer product more than three years ago, we had what turned out to be a revolutionary idea—that in order to minimize the print-related issues IT staff faced every
Enhance Your Virtual Desktop Interface (Vdi) Printing Capabilities
Organizations that use virtual desktop interface (VDI) environments such as Citrix and VMware regularly cite VDI printing issues as the biggest downside of these virtual solutions. It's easy to se
Is It Time To Rethink Your Corporate Print Environment?
Staying competitive means being innovative. And being innovative means having the willingness to rethink your organization's current practices and identify ways in which they could be streamlined,
7 Unseen Costs In Corporate Printing
Corporate printing costs can be a lot like printers themselves. They're there, always in the background, and you don't really notice them until they start acting up or get out of control. This mea
Are Too Many Drivers Hosted On Your Print Server?
Digital clutter is no different to physical clutter. At the very least, it hinders efficiency. At its worst, it can cause serious complications. In the realm of print server management, too many d
Take Advantage Of Our Citrix Printing Solutions
Citrix printing is no walk in the park—and neither is finding the right Citrix printing solution for your environment. We hear that time and again from IT professionals who've spent untold hours t
Corporate Print Management Solutions: Empowering End Users
In the world of corporate IT, there's a tendency to overlook the end user as a valuable resource. Nowhere is this more apparent than in corporate print management. Almost all corporate printing so
Are There Opportunities For Print Server Consolidation In Your Organization?
Here's a thought exercise. Picture your organization's IT infrastructure. All of it: the servers, the workstations, the mobile devices, the routers, the printers, the switches, down to every last
What Is Follow Me Printing?
Follow me printing solutions have become popular in all manner of print environments—educational and enterprise settings in particular—because of their convenience and security. They give end user
Follow Me Printing Solutions
Recently many organizations have begun considering implementing follow me printing solutions, largely because IT professionals who are tasked with print management have been touting the obvious ad
Printer Management Solutions For Enterprise Businesses
Enterprise printer management has traditionally taken one of three forms: a centralized print server, distributed print servers, or direct IP printing. Unfortunately, as many IT professionals alre
Print Management Solutions For Schools
Education printing solutions have a lot in common with enterprise printing solutions. They need to be reliable, cost-effective and provide ease of use to both administrators and end users. At the
How To Manage Print Servers In An Epic Environment
Managing printers in an Epic environment can be rather tricky. In common Epic setups in hospitals and healthcare organizations, there are multiple print servers on which you need to have the print
What To Do When Your Print Server Crashes
Got print server problems? Actually, that's a silly question. Who doesn't have print server problems? Among IT professionals, print servers are notorious for being fickle and unreliable. The
Top 3 Gains From Print Management Services
There are hundreds of potential tweaks and optimizations to be found in your organization's print environment. Some are big, some are small. Some are obvious, some are obscure. Some are short-term
Print Server Management Best Practices
It's no secret that managing print servers is never high on the list of things IT people want to do. Print servers are renowned—infamous, you could say—for being finicky, unstable and high mainten
Guide To Printing In An Epic Environment
Hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world rely on the Epic software suite to maintain their electronic health records (EHR) and other information vital to staff operations and patien
Streamline Your Print Management
If streamlining print management in your organization isn't already a priority, it should be. The right print management solutions—whether that means introducing dedicated print management softwar
Fix Slow Printing Problems In Distributed Printing Environments
It's a fast-paced world where "instantaneous" is the rule rather than the exception, which is why there are few things more aggravating than slow printing. Just ask any employee who clicked "Print
Issues With Using Windows Server 2012 R2 As A Print Server
Using the Windows Server 2012 R2 print server is a standard printing solution for many organizations. For a small number of those organizations, the Windows print server is perfectly serviceable w
How To Minimize Printer Driver Conflicts In Mixed 32-Bit And 64-Bit Printing Environments
Organizations that are still using 32-bit printer drivers on server 2012 alongside 64-bit printer drivers are all too aware that conflicts can arise when using these different versions in the same
Print Server Consolidation Or Elimination?
Efficient, budget-conscious organizations know that you can never stop searching for opportunities to streamline. That's why infrastructure reduction has become such an important step in the ongoi
Ways To Maximize Your Printing Uptime
In enterprise printing, is there anything more valuable than print uptime? Without it even the most full-featured print environment has zero benefit. And there are real, measurable consequences to
How To Cut Costs And Improve Efficiency Of Managed Print Services
As enterprise technology becomes more complex and the day-to-day demands on IT increase, it's easy to see why organizations are finding appeal in Managed Print Solutions. MPS providers are essentially
How To Evaluate Your Company's Current Print Management Solution
Every so often it's important to revisit your current print management solution to see if it's still working for you. What might have been a welcome improvement five or ten years ago might no long
Your Guide To Printing In Meditech
MEDITECH is the software backbone for thousands of healthcare organizations across the globe that maintain comprehensive databases about their internal operations along with electronic health reco
3 Security Tips For Enterprise Document Printing
Secure printing is more than just a watchword for modern enterprises. It's an essential practice and an integral part of daily workflows throughout the organization. At least, it should be.
Print Servers Not Printing? Eliminate Them!
We certainly hear our share of print server horror stories. Print servers crashing due to driver and software conflicts, instantly forcing printing to a halt. Print servers not showing all printer
Enterprise Print Server Deployment Strategies
Deploying print servers in the enterprise is no small task. Given the number of variables and moving parts that must be dealt with to ensure a smooth roll-out, it's best to have a strategy in plac
What To Do If Your Printer Is Not Compatible With Citrix
Organizations that rely on Citrix as their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and/or published application solution are all too aware that printing in Citrix can be hit or miss. That's why they
Server 2012r2 Print Server Or Direct Ip
Whether you are a seasoned system administrator for a large organization or just getting started in your role as a system administrator in a smaller, but growing organization, there will always be
Print Management Software Trends
Like most things, printer management software has evolved over time—as have opinions on what constitutes the best print management software. For instance, if you were to start asking around for en
Make Enterprise Mobile Printing Easy From Any Device
Mobile printing is a hot topic in the modern enterprise. It's also a clear and growing need. And yet, as any experienced IT professional can tell you, waxing philosophical about mobile printing an
How To Identify And Manage Print Server Deficiencies
Print management and print server management aren't one and the same, although it's surprising how many organizations tend to assume that the two are inextricably linked. Print management is about
Print Tracking Software From Printerlogic
We're living in the age of Big Data. While that data helps us make more informed decisions and deliver targeted solutions to longstanding problems, it's not without its problems. To begin wi
Managing Your Print Environment Across Multiple Locations
If your organization has multiple locations and relies on print servers, the chances are good that your printing environment resembles one of two scenarios: A centralized print server at the ma
Don't Overlook The Ongoing Costs Of Print Servers
How much are your print servers costing your organization? Given that we're in the business of eliminating print servers through a forward-thinking enterprise print management solution, we a
Don't Suffer Printing Downtime Because Of 32- And 64-Bit Driver Confusion
Ever since the widespread migration from 32- to 64-bit platforms began—and with it the migration from 32-bit printer drivers to 64-bit printer drivers—there have been lingering compatibility probl
Solving Common Printer Installation Issues
Based on how routine printer installations are, you might think that the more glaring kinks would have been worked out by now. Clearly, that's not always the case. While many installation processe
Increase Efficiency While Decreasing Enterprise Print Management Costs
Traditionally, enterprise print management has been both expensive and resource-intensive. This generally stems from the use of print servers, which have been the default enterprise printing solut
Print Infrastructure Optimization
After dealing with print servers as their default print management solution for far too long, more and more organizations are turning to print infrastructure optimization to cut ongoing costs, red
Virtual Printing And Printerlogic
Virtual desktops and published applications from Citrix and VMware are becoming more attractive as they have been proven to be resilient and provide an attractive solution for organizations, espec
Without Proper Print Management, Printers Can Be A Security Risk
Smart organizations have their networks locked down tight through firewalls, filtering, strong authorization and other measures to guard against hackers and espionage. But there's a ubiquitous wea
Make Enterprise Cloud Printing Easy With Printerlogic
Now that mobile and BYOD printing have made such rapid inroads into the enterprise, various cloud printing services and cloud printing solutions have rushed in to address this relatively new and s
Print Management Solutions For Managed Service Providers
If you're a managed service provider (MSP), you want to deliver the best experience to your customers at the best possible price. And when your specialty is printer management, you achieve that by
Solving Printer Driver Conflicts
Printer drivers are the vital intermediary between the client and the printer. If a print driver is outdated, it could result in reduced printing functionality at the very minimum. If a print driv
Know Your Print Job Costs
With the latest release of PrinterLogic’s Printer Installer customers now have the ability to tie printer costs to actual print job usage data. This helps IT and operations understand the true cos
Mobile Session Printing For Iphone, Ipad, Android Devices
The biggest challenge facing enterprise IT today? That would be mobile printing. Ever greater numbers of employees expect to conduct more and more of their business—inside as well as outside the o
Top 6 Reasons For Using Printerlogic For Citrix Printing
Printing in Citrix using its built-in functionality is something many admins try to avoid. Not out of choice, but out of necessity. Both client-side Citrix printing and Citrix print management lea
Branch Office Direct Printing With Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2 included a new and welcome feature called Branch Office Direct Printing. Because high WAN utilization is such an ongoing problem for distributed organizations with a centrali
Print Management With Role-Based Access Control
The recent release of PrinterLogic’s Printer Installer brings the highly anticipated addition of role-based access control or “RBAC.” As a system administrator for an enterprise print management
Simplifying Pull Printing With Simple Badge Release
Implementing PrinterLogic’s Pull Printing solution has many benefits, including lowering costs, increasing security and reducing waste. It also adds convenience for end users who simply walk up to
Location Based Printing In A Mobile World
With the advancements being made to technology in the workplace, we are increasingly becoming more mobile and untethered from our desks. When you add mobile or traveling users to the mix, you are
Targeted Printer Deployment Strategies
Targeted printer deployment is an important goal of every IT administrator. Unfortunately, in most real-world scenarios, that goal ends up looking like a pipe dream more often than not, because dep
Common Print Management Problems Using Windows Print Server 2012r2
Managing printing and print servers is a royal pain no matter who you are, even if you've achieved Gandalf the White status as the manager of the Windows print server world. When using a Windo
Print Optimization For Enterprise Corporations
Optimization should be the watchword for any enterprise. Whether it concerns people, facilities, processes or resources, smart and successful organizations know that their bottom line depends on ho
32 Bit Drivers In A 64 Bit World
We now live in an era where 64 bit operating is becoming more prominent, leaving its 32 bit counterpart further and further behind in the dust. Even though 64 bit has been gaining more traction and
Solving Remote Desktop Printing (Rdp) Problems
Remote desktop printing (RDP) seems to go hand in hand with something you might jokingly refer to as RDT: Remote Desktop Troubleshooting. That's because the scale of RDP printing problems that aris
Challenges In Virtual Print Environments
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments have come a long way over the past couple of years. On the whole, they're more efficient and resilient than ever before. That makes them attractive
Top Remote Office Printing Issues—And Their Solutions
Ever since the advent of the telegraph, network technology has been heralded for its potential to break down physical barriers and overcome geographic distances. But as most IT veterans will tell y
Eliminate Your Windows 2012 Print Server
Are you dissatisfied with the performance and features of Windows Print Server 2012? You're not alone. Although this release introduced a handful of logging updates and some minor new features, suc
Common Thin Client Printing Problems—And The Solutions
Thin client printing problems are almost too numerous to list in a single blog post, but fortunately there are thin client printing solutions—PrinterLogic being chief among them—that can help in j
Don't Just Reduce Network Printing Traffic - Eliminate It
Every single print job—every letter, every report, every presentation—contributes in some way to your network print traffic. And in distributed organizations with a consolidated server environment
Optimizing Your Existing Printers While Expanding Management And Reducing Costs
We built PrinterLogic 10 years ago based on the belief that the many print-related issues IT staff faced every day were completely unnecessary, and could be solved by a complete re-thinking of the
Wan Printing Best Practices
If WAN printing is slow in your organization, you can take some comfort in the fact that you're not alone. WAN printing is one of the trickiest aspects of enterprise printing to get under control.
Why Print Data Compression Matters
Why is it important to compress print data? The answer might seem obvious to anyone who's worked in enterprise printing for any length of time, but let's begin with an analogy. Imagine an or
Mini-Case Studies
We listen to our customers. Their valuable input after demoing or implementing PrinterLogic helps to shape and improve our software, making it even more robust and versatile in the most demanding,
What Are Your Top Printing Initiatives?
PrinterLogic is a single enterprise print management solution. Yet every organization's printing initiatives are different. Very different, as a matter of fact. That's one of the reasons why the in
Stop Worrying About Citrix Compatible Printers
Virtual environments are great, but some of their demands would put divas and rock stars to shame. With Citrix, for instance, it's necessary to identify and acquire the specific printers supported
Simplify And Expand Your Enterprise Mobile Printing Capabilities
It's a time of major change in the enterprise. Ready or not, mobile users are radically altering the network topography, and nowhere does this have more impact than in your print environment. Are
Print Management Tools For Multi-Location Enterprises
Enterprise print management is tough enough when you have a single location. In distributed environments, print management can be downright overwhelming because it calls for remote administration (
Regardless Of Your Print Environment, We've Got You Covered
"PrinterLogic looks outstanding—exactly the print management solution we've been searching for. But will it really work with my unique print environment?" Through e-mails, phone calls and in p
Eliminating Printer Driver Conflicts
Printer drivers can be the most challenging aspect of keeping any enterprise print environment running smoothly. It's one thing to juggle and maintain interoperability between different workstation
The Cost Of Provisioning And Maintaining Print Servers
How much are print servers costing your organization? That's not a rhetorical question. We really do want to know—because that's a large portion of how much you'll be saving by eliminating print se
Is Your Vmware Printing Slow?
Time, as we all know very well, is money. And if you're using a virtual solution like VMware, you're aware that speed isn't one of its strong suits. VMware printing in particular can be a huge prod
Print Server Migration Vs. Elimination
You've come to a crossroads. It's time to upgrade part or all of your print architecture, and you need to decide whether to migrate your print server—maybe using something along the lines of a prin
Easily Enhance Your Company’S Email To Print Capabilities
Organizations everywhere are discovering the benefits of email to print—a wonderfully simple solution to the challenges of today's enterprise print environments, which include large numbers of mobi
Manufacturing Company Reduces Print-Related Service Desk Calls By More Than 90 Percent With Printerlogic
Every time the independent research firm TechValidate releases a new case study on a PrinterLogic customer, we get a little excited. I mean, why wouldn't we? Each TechValidate case study is like br
Setting Up Proximity Printing With Citrix
If your organization runs a Citrix environment, chances are that you've come across proximity-based printing. This is a feature that automatically installs nearby printers for users based on their
Install Network Printers Easily And Securely
All too often, network printer management involves tradeoffs. Robust solutions are hardly ever simple. Simple solutions are rarely secure. And so the idea of installing network printers in a w
Fortune 500 Energy Company Eliminates Dozens Of Print Servers Across More Than 100 Locations With Printerlogic
As regular visitors to this blog will know, the independent research firm TechValidate has been busy comparing PrinterLogic’s stated benefits with customers’ real-world experiences. That effor
64-Bit Printing Problems And Solutions
Since 2008 or so, the enterprise sector has made a slow but concerted migration toward 64-bit architecture on account of such benefits as improved scalability, more powerful processing, and vastly
Improve Your Enterprise Pull Printing Capabilities
As the idea of pull printing becomes more commonplace, more and more organizations are thinking about how exactly pull printing solutions might enhance their print environments. But before I tell y
One Third Of Manufacturing Customers Deploy Printerlogic In One Day
When weighing their print management options, savvy professionals can usually pare their concerns down to one two-part question: How much will it cost and how long will it take to implement? W
Citrix Print Server Best Practices
Even the most hardcore proponents of Citrix environments will admit that Citrix printing leaves a lot to be desired. Part of this is because enterprise printing is already so fraught with complexit
Common Print Management Mistakes
If you've worked in print management for any length of time, you've probably identified a number of mistakes commonly made by executives, IT admins, as well as end users. Some might focus on wastef
Reduce Print Management Time With A Quick Roi By Eliminating Print Servers
There always has to be a tradeoff, right? You can have it fast, but it’s going to cost you. You can see guaranteed results, but you’re going to have to be patient. You’ll get more administrative co
Secure Your Enterprise Printing Environment
For many print management solutions, security and convenience are often considered mutually exclusive. You can have secure mobile printing and secure document printing (provided those features are
Best Ways To Set Up Proximity Printing
Thanks to proximity-based printing in Citrix, it's possible for users to have nearby network printers automatically installed on their devices based on their current location. For example, a mobile
91% Of Printerlogic Healthcare Customers Report More Than 100% Roi According To Techvalidate Survey
You might have read the blog post on a large-enterprise healthcare company that described PrinterLogic as "amazing" after its remote server infrastructure shrank by 70% and its printer d
Print Server Management Tips
After all we know about the headaches of print server management, there are still plenty of organizations that attempt to scale or upgrade their print environment by installing a new print server.
Ways To Enhance Your Company's Print Audit Capabilities
"What kind of print auditing mechanism do you have in place?" Whenever we ask this question, we're always surprised to discover how few organizations have fully implemented print auditing soft
Fortune 500 Computer Services Company Reduces Remote Server Infrastructure By 90% With Printerlogic
A Fortune 500 computer services company ought to know a thing or two about IT. And knowing what works is just as important as knowing what doesn't—but sometimes that knowledge is hard won through e
What Is The Value Of Pull Printing?
Pull printing solutions are catching on in the enterprise on account of their potential for cost savings and security. You’ll often find them under different trade names, sometimes with “Follow” or
Print Management Solutions For Virtual Printing Environments
Virtual environments like Citrix, VDI and VMware are known for their flexibility and functionality, which is why they're used in top-performing companies across the globe. However, they're not with
Large Enterprise Chemicals Company Installs Printerlogic Print Management Solution In Less Than Five Days
You're no doubt familiar with the slogan, "Better living through chemistry," which was adopted by a large-enterprise chemicals company all the way back in 1935. Well, after a different large-e
Using Printer Auditing Software To Decrease Consumables Costs
There are a number of frequently cited statistics about the costs of enterprise printing that should make anyone who operates within a budget—and let's face it, that's pretty much all of us—stop an
Print Management Solutions For Single Points Of Failure
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You've probably heard that expression countless times throughout your life. From time to time you might have even used it yourself when discussing dif
Printerlogic Receives Excellent Rating From Small Business Banking Company For Printer Driver Management And Security
The independent research firm TechValidate has been surveying PrinterLogic customers with a view to capturing a range of experiences and opinions after installing our print management solution. A n
Simplify Your Vdi/Remote Session Printing
Printing is often the final piece of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) puzzle. Your end users are all set up and successfully connected to a remote session from an endpoint device, but then they
Universal Print Driver Problems
Universal print drivers are meant to be one-size-fits-all solutions to common printing problems. And in many cases, they have the potential to be. That’s because universal print drivers are able to
Do Print Servers Improve Your Print Management Or Hinder It?
It's a familiar story. Maybe it starts with a company adding a new branch. Or two firms merging. Or an oversized department being split and moved into a different location. Then, as the IT environm
New Study Shows Enterprise Clients See World-Class Ease Of Use And Flexibility From Server-Less Print Management Solution
Some news is so good that you want to shout it from the rooftops. In this case, it's the news that the independent research organization TechValidate recently concluded a detailed and wide-ran
The Challenges Of Enterprise Secure Printing
Secure enterprise printing is a hot topic these days, but the phrasing is slightly redundant. Why? Because enterprise printing should be inherently secure. For all its importance, however, ent
Educational Institution No Longer Consumed With Printer Issues Thanks To Printerlogic
Educational institutions have unique characteristics that are unlike any other industry. They share qualities with both government and private enterprise, yet they're neither wholly one nor the oth
The Total Cost Of Print Servers
At PrinterLogic, we've made it our mission to eliminate print servers. That's not just because enterprise print servers pose difficulties when it comes to print server management, maintenance and m
Give Your Print Environment Reporting And Snmp Monitoring
The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a widespread and essential tool in any print environment, large or small. Through SNMP monitoring, you're able to keep tabs on all the basic functio
Independent Study Of Printerlogic Customers Says 9 Out Of 10 Rate Us Great Or Better
If you're one of the many IT professionals who has stopped by our booth at a tradeshow, you know that we can talk all day about PrinterLogic. It's hard not to. There are so many proven benefits to
Software For Wan Printing Optimization
Your Wide Area Network (WAN) represents the critical link to many of the business critical applications in your infrastructure. You need it to be reliable, fast and secure which makes it expensive
Reduce Printing Costs With Effective Print Management Software
Many organizations begin researching print management solutions because they want to eliminate (or avoid) print servers and introduce greater efficiency and simplicity into their print environment.
Industrial Manufacturing Company Reduces Print Management Costs By 90% By Using Printerlogic
When organizations choose to migrate to PrinterLogic in place of their old printer management solution, they expect to see myriad benefits. Efficient centralized management from a single pane of gl
Secure Document Printing Solutions
Secure document printing is much like the day I decided to replace my car stereo. After following the instructions, I found that modifying the dashboard with a radio not intended to fit in the spa
How To Reduce Network Print Management Costs
We often think about effective print management in terms of increases. Increasing the speed of printer deployment. Increasing the number of end-users who can install their own printers. Increasing
Medium-Enterprise Agriculture Company Rates Printerlogic Excellent And Achieves 100% Roi In Less Than A Year
There's a common need that transcends an organization's industry, size and IT requirements: the need to print. That's as true for companies providing financial and legal services as it is for those
Benefits Of Centralized Printer Management Software
As enterprise printing begins to transition away from a decades-long reliance on print servers and all their associated demands, centralized printer management has grown in popularity and importanc
Large Enterprise Construction Company Reduces Printer Install And Set Up Time From Hours To Seconds
PrinterLogic allowed this large-enterprise construction company to hit those targets with just one powerful print management solution. By the company’s own assessment, it succeeded in reducing each
Allowing Employees To Print From A Mobile Device
Printing from mobile devices is never the cakewalk it’s supposed to be. It can be hard enough just on a tiny home network, let alone in a large-scale enterprise print environment. As a result, the
Mobile And Byod Printing In Citrix Environments
Printing in Citrix environments can be challenging enough, but Citrix mobile printing can be a challenge in and of itself. Unlike conventional workstations, mobile and BYOD devices have the
Citrix Print Management Solutions
If you’re one of the thousands of organizations using Citrix, you know what an incredible asset it is. You also know that Citrix printing and Citrix printer management aren’t always as seamless and
Users And Admins “Love” Printerlogic Print Management Solution Says Large Financial Services Company
A few months ago the independent research firm, TechValidate, sat down with representatives of a large-enterprise financial services company to see how they were getting on after installing Printer
Printerlogic: The Top Mobile Printing Software Solution
Why has the general public been so quick to embrace mobile devices—a trend that, if anything, shows signs of speeding up rather than slowing down? Two important reasons are that mobile devices are
Users No Longer Afraid Of Printing After Large Bank Deploys Printerlogic Print Management Solution
Companies in the financial sector know a thing or two about return on investment (ROI). The very nature of their business is predicated on looking at several different options and figuring out wher
Current Print Management Trends
Print management is currently experiencing one of the most dynamic periods in its multi-decade history. Trends like employee mobility, device heterogeneity, and enterprise distribution are rapidly
Eliminate Your Enterprise Print Servers
Why would anyone want to eliminate enterprise print servers? After all, don’t they have a purpose? It’s true—they do. For a lot of organizations, enterprise print servers represent the first s
Federal Agency Seamlessly Manages Its More Than 5,000 Printers With Printerlogic
If ever there were a testament to PrinterLogic’s incredible scalability, it would be the case study of a federal government agency carried out by the independent research firm TechValidate (TVID: 9
Citrix Printing Tools From Printerlogic
PrinterLogic provides a number of integrated Citrix printing tools that make it even easier to work with Citrix environments and avoid common Citrix printing problems. Better still, with PrinterLog
Deploying Printers Using Group Policy Objects (Gpos)
In traditional print environments, it’s common to deploy printers via group policy objects (GPOs) to end users. Although GPOs serve a clear purpose, the drawbacks associated with this method are al
Smb Financial Services Company Sees Print Management Time Decrease By 90% With Printerlogic
“We are a growing company and expanding fast,” said a spokesperson for a small-business financial services company. “We needed an efficient and fast printer solution.” So naturally they chose
Location-Based Printing In Vmware View
Ever had a lucky break? It probably came down to being in the right place at the right time. On that basis, printing in VMware View can sometimes seem like a matter of luck. But that’s clearly
Corporate Printer Management: Decrease Costs And Increase Roi
You operate with a sharp eye on your bottom line. As well you should. It’s an essential consideration for any business, regardless of your size, scope or sector. That focus on the budget naturally
Printerlogic “Frees” Mid-Sized Energy Company From The Horrors Of Print-Related Service Desk Calls
We often highlight PrinterLogic as an excellent way to eliminate the headache, hassle, and high ongoing costs of print servers. But the truth is that it’s possible to experience the same amazing da
Solutions For Android Network Printing
Mobile devices have become indispensable to the way we work and play. This has become increasingly evident in the world of enterprise printing, where the widespread adoption of mobile devices has l
Common Printer Driver Management Problems
In traditional enterprise print environments, there are common printer driver management problems that admins encounter on a regular basis. These include but are by no means limited to: Improper
Government Organization Deploys Printerlogic In Less Than 24 Hours
When government organizations are looking to solidify and streamline, more and more of them are making PrinterLogic their first port of call. That’s because PrinterLogic helps them address the many
64-Bit Printing Solutions
When you’re thinking about making the shift to 64-bit printing from a 32-bit print environment, you need one that’s going to be future-proof. And, ideally, one that will also bring additional impro
Ways To Reduce Enterprise Print Costs
Many PrinterLogic customers tell us that they initially decided to implement our print management solution to simplify and consolidate their enterprise print environment. They wanted advantages lik
Printerlogic Healthcare Customers Slash Print Management Times By 70% Or More
Health care organizations have unique requirements for their print environments. As technologically advanced as they are in terms of record keeping and information sharing, they still rely on
Location Based Printing Solutions
If your organization makes use of Citrix or VMware environments, then any enterprise print management solution you consider should also be a full-featured location-based printing solution. Loc
Active Directory Print Management
Many organizations rely on Active Directory to authenticate and authorize users. At PrinterLogic, in keeping with our philosophy of seamlessly integrating with other common technologies and leverag
Server 2012 Print Management Problems—Additional Drivers Greyed Out
Did you spin up a brand new 2012/R2 server in hopes of being up to date and getting the latest features and compatibility? Now, when you go to add the additional drivers, the button is greyed out!
Printerlogic Print Management Solution Is “Amazing” According To Large Enterprise Healthcare Company
A large-enterprise healthcare company offered one of the most candid and enthusiastic testimonials for PrinterLogic that we’ve heard so far: “Actually, [PrinterLogic is] just as simple as AMAZING.
Vmware Printing Solutions
You might already be aware that PrinterLogic is the most powerful and intuitive print management solution available, but did you also know that it makes it one of best the VMware printing solutions
How Print Management Services Can Reduce Printing Costs
Your print management services have a closer relationship to your organization’s bottom line than you might think. Just consider some of the ongoing expenses that are associated with your existing pri
Enterprise Print Management Software
Think it’s impossible to eliminate print servers? Think again. With PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software, it’s possible to comfortably reduce or even migrate away from your existing pri
S&P 500 Healthcare Company Tackles Printer Driver Management With Printerlogic
When the independent research firm TechValidate recently asked an S&P 500 healthcare company for a summary of its results after installing PrinterLogic, a representative had this to say: “PrinterLo
Printing Management Software
There’s no other printing management software that is as effective in centralizing and simplifying your enterprise print environment as PrinterLogic. That’s because no other enterprise print managemen
Guest Printing Solution
You know that familiar saying about guests and fish? The inventive guy who coined it—Benjamin Franklin, as it happens—clearly had the unrelenting demands of hospitality in mind, but the sentiment behi
What Is Pull Printing?
Before we start telling you how outstanding PrinterLogic’s pull printing capabilities are, let’s start by defining what pull printing actually means. Pull printing is like two-step verification for yo
State & Local Government Customer Rates Printerlogic “Excellent” In Recent Independent Survey
We’ve seen over and over how PrinterLogic transcends industry and scale when it comes to optimizing your organization’s print environment. From healthcare to insurance, education to manufacturing,
Byod Printing Solutions
Ever since the term BYOD went mainstream (roughly four years ago for those of you who are counting), the number of employees bringing their personal devices to work has increased rapidly. Some surveys
Advantages Of Centralized Printing
We get asked quite a bit what the primary benefit of PrinterLogic is. Fact is, PrinterLogic has been consistently proven to bring so many benefits that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. If pres
Print Server Management
If you’ve spent any time researching PrinterLogic, you know that we’re pretty fond of emphasizing the fact that our enterprise print management solution allows you to eliminate print servers altogethe
Solutions For Deploying Printers Based On Location
Whether you have mobile users or stationary users, their ability to print is almost always an issue. If they are mobile and travel to and from all of your remote offices, how do you go about making su
Food Services Company In Canada Eliminates 25 Print Servers And Sees Print Management Time Plummet By 70 Percent With Printerlogic
When you think of food services, you don’t necessarily think of enterprise printing. But the need for printing—make that highly available, flexible, effortless printing—is ubiquitous, regardless of
Location-Based Printing
Location, location, location is a maxim most often associated with realtors. Yet it applies just as much to enterprise printing—specifically, being able to easily enable seamless location-based printi
Email Printing
Bring your own device (BYOD) and email printing isn’t just a casual request in today’s workplace. It’s a philosophy. A movement. More and more employees are arriving with their own tablets, laptops, n
Industrial Manufacturing Company: “Employees Love Printerlogic”
The independent research firm TechValidate recently surveyed representatives from a large industrial manufacturing company to talk about their experience with PrinterLogic. The case study (TVID: CF
Upgrading From 32-Bit Windows Print Server To 64-Bit 2012 Print Server
Microsoft has ended support for 2003 servers, which means there is a good chance that your 32-bit print server is no longer supported. If you’re like many organizations, though, there’s a chance that
Enterprise Print Management
Enterprise print management is serious business. You’ve got a fundamental aspect of the day-to-day operations of an entire organization riding on your shoulders, and it’s up to you and your IT team to
K-12 School District Installs Printerlogic In 5 Days, Slashes Printer-Related Service Desk Calls By 70 Percent
The independent research firm TechValidate has conducted a number of surveys with small-, medium- and large-sized organizations from a variety of sectors about their migration to PrinterLogic—often
Guest Printing
Does your organization ever use freelancers? How about contractors? Consultants? Do any outside executives or visiting partners ever turn up? These all fall under the label of “guests,” and much like
Can Mobile And Byod Printing Be Both Simple And Secure?
Today nearly half of the workforce identifies as “mobile,” meaning they work from more than one corporate office. We all know that printer installation and management can be a headache even for employ
The Benefits Of Print Job Auditing And Reporting
Have you ever wanted to know what your end users were printing, or how often they are printing? Or, have you ever wanted to know who or what department uses the most printer consumables? Whether you a
Global 500 Transportation Services Company Achieves 500% Roi And Cuts Service Desk Calls By 70%
PrinterLogic is suited to a wide variety of different enterprise print environments throughout an equally wide variety of sectors. Education? Definitely. Banking and finance? Ditto. Manufacturing?
Server-Less Printing
There’s a widespread assumption that enterprise print management goes hand-in-hand with print servers. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. At PrinterLogic, we’re all about challenging co
Roi And Increased Efficiency For Healthcare Customers
There are plenty of benefits bundled into PrinterLogic, and one of them is its adaptability. It can be deployed effectively in a whole range of enterprise print environments regardless of their siz
Printerlogic Roi For Laser Spine Institute
Return on investment (ROI) can play a huge role in determining whether your organization opts for one enterprise print management solution over another. There’s a catch, though. Sometimes those pre
Simple And Efficient Driver Management
We’ve talked a lot about PrinterLogic’s capabilities when it comes to network printer management, and how it provides you with a centralized web-based admin portal that’s both feature-rich and incr
Global 500 Insurance Company Sees 400 Percent Roi With Printerlogic
“PrinterLogic has been very supportive of our needs. They’re a great company to partner with. They’ve made migrating to direct IP printing a very easy task. I’d recommend PrinterLogic to anyone.”
Centralized Printer Management
When you’re working toward streamlining your enterprise print environment, centralized printer management should be one of the highest priorities on your list. That’s because implementing centralized
A Simple Way To Manage Print Drivers
Driver management. Those two words are enough to make some folks sigh in despair. Because it’s one thing to manage all the networked printers throughout your organization—but drivers, as necessary
Snmp Monitoring
In today’s print management ecosystem, the availability of the physical device and the need to know what is and isn’t working is a high priority. PrinterLogic can transform your printing environment i
Server 2012 Print Management
Are you using Windows Server 2012 as your print management solution? Are you seeing things like the additional drivers greyed out? Maybe it's not showing printers or the printers appear to be missing
Simplifying End-User Printer Installation
Of all the headaches that are associated with managing an enterprise print environment, what would you say is the at the root of most of those issues? If you said “printer installation,” you’l
Network Printer Management Software
Using industry shorthand, we often broadly describe PrinterLogic as a print management solution, but it's also helpful to think of PrinterLogic more explicitly as network printer management software.
Fortune 500 Insurance Company Reduces Service Desk Tickets By More Than 75%
Earlier today, I was looking through the results of our customer survey conducted by TechValidate. As we have discussed, the firm surveyed hundreds of our customers on various aspects of their expe
Linux Printing In A Mixed Os Environment
Printer management in an Enterprise network can be a touchy subject. Especially when the network consists of multiple OS’s and platforms. Windows and its various versions, OS X and now Linux distribut
Print Server Migration Tool
As Microsoft’s End of Life deadline has come and gone for Windows Server 2003/R2, you might be considering using the company’s Print Server Migration Tool (yes, they do offer one) to help with the upg
Customers Overwhelmingly Trust & Recommend Printerlogic Printer Management Solution
Here at PrinterLogic, we’re a lot like you in a lot of ways. Like you, we hate print servers. So much so that we made it our mission to help you eliminate them completely. To date, we’ve helped hundre
Secure Pull Printing Solutions
Many of our enterprise customers praise PrinterLogic for its astounding ease of use—especially when it comes to their employees' printing experience. Which is to say, those employees click "Print" and
The Cost Savings Of Reducing Print Consumables
Let's do a little macro/micro exercise. We'll start by zooming in on the average employee. He's there at his desk, printing out an important spreadsheet or the annual report, along with a cute sign
Citrix Printing
Managing printers in Citrix can be a big problem for many administrators because of the uncertainty on how to manage the printer objects and printer drivers in each location. Citrix users frequently d
Print Management Solutions
When you've spent any amount of time in a particular line of work, you pick up the lingo. You start using words or phrases that are shorthand for a whole host of ideas. Eventually those words or phras
Is Your Organization Too Distributed To Eliminate Print Servers?
We end up speaking to a lot of people at trade shows, and one comment we frequently hear runs something like this: "We would love to eliminate print servers in our organization, but we have too man
Native Ios Printing
Solving iOS printing without an MDM As IT professionals, it is inevitable we face the need to support iOS devices for printing. As of 2014, over 800 million iOS devices were in the market [1]. So, if
Secure Mobile Printing Solutions From Printerlogic
By now we're all aware that the growing mobile workforce is an inexorable trend. And that trend toward mobility and BYOD policies raises problems of interoperability that stem from device heterogeneit
How To Drastically Reduce Printer-Related Service Desk Calls
In several of these posts highlighting the chain of direct and indirect benefits that PrinterLogic brings, we've mentioned how eliminating print servers also helps to eliminate single points of fai
Enterprise Mobile Printing Solutions
There's a clear trend in today's business climate, and that trend is toward mobility. A recent forecast from the IT analytics firm IDC estimates that the world's mobile worker population will reach 1.
How To Reduce Print Management Time By At Least 50%
Of the many responsibilities that fall to the IT department, managing the enterprise printing environment scores somewhere near the very bottom on the fun-o-meter. And if we're honest, dealing with
Citrix Synergy 2015—Orlando, Florida
Orlando Florida was the site for Citrix Synergy 2015. Spirits were just as bright as the sunshine and the wonderful warm Florida weather. Attendees from all over the world showed up to learn more abo
The Roi Of Eliminating Print Servers (Part 2)
Before you start reading, please be sure to check out our previous post on the subject of ROI and eliminating print servers in your organization using PrinterLogic. In that post we took a brief loo
Interop 2015—Las Vegas, Nevada
Another great week in Las Vegas. The lights were bright and the excitement was high as we sponsored Interop 2015 at the beautiful Mandalay Bay Convention center. We were there to showcase our enterpr
The Roi Of Eliminating Print Servers (Part 1)
As you might have read in our earlier posts (see Are We Too Big to Eliminate Print Servers?, Eliminating Print Servers in Distributed Offices, and Eliminating Print Servers in Less Than 5 Days), el
Mobile Printing Is Coming
Enable Simple Mobile, BYOD and Guest Printing While Increasing Security and Reducing Waste Next month, we will announce our Mobile Printing solution that makes it simple for mobile, BYOD users and gue
Eliminating Print Servers In Less Than 5 Days
Let me guess—even though your complicated printer environment is the source of constant headaches, the thought of deploying a new solution enterprise-wide sounds even more painful. But what if
Eliminating Print Servers In Distributed Offices
One of the huge advantages of implementing PrinterLogic is the way it streamlines and centralizes distributed print environments. Over the past ten years, PrinterLogic has helped more than 1,500 en
Himss 2015—Chicago, Illinois
Look what the wind blew in! We were at HIMSS 2015 to talk to the show’s more than 38,000 attendees about how we Eliminate Print Servers. Doing so empowers IT to manage their entire print environment
Are We Too Big To Eliminate Print Servers?
At the enterprise level, size often means complexity. Sure, the idea of streamlining your print environment sounds fantastic—but then you think of all those hundreds or even thousands of print serv
Hdi 2015&Mdash;Las Vegas, Nevada
Things are always electric and exciting when you visit Las Vegas. The same was true with my experience at HDI 2015 last month. With more than 2,400 elite professionals coming together for the most com
Itex 2015&Mdash;Fort Lauderdale, Florida
There’s just something about the sunshine and getting to talk about PrinterLogic that makes me happy. This week, I was in Fort Lauderdale for ITEX 2015. ITEX brings together dealers, resellers, distri
Metc 2015&Mdash;St. Charles Missouri
Missouri is commonly known as the “Show-Me-State.” This week I attended METC 2015 in St. Charles, and it was all about showing off technology-based products that help improve schools and classrooms th
Tcea 2015—Austin Texas
They say everything is bigger in Texas. With over 450 vendors and more than 8,000 attendees, TCEA in Austin proved to be just that. Teachers, administrators and IT managers were on hand to learn abou
Fetc 2015&Mdash;Orlando Florida
The sun was shining and the weather was wonderful in Orlando for the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC). Energy was high and attendees were excited to see the new technologies that promise
Setting Printer Preferences On A Mac Computer
Recently PrinterLogic has added the use of custom profiles for setting Mac driver preferences. For those unfamiliar with Mac printer preferences, this has a huge advantage over the built-in options gi
How To Easily Migrate From Windows Server 2003
It’s time to migrate from Windows Server 2003. I know—just reading those words probably gives you a headache. Believe me, I feel your pain. As you likely know, Microsoft has announced that it will end
Upgrade From Windows 2003 Print Server To Windows 2012 Server
Upgrading servers can be a hassle if you are wanting to jump from something old to something new, especially when you are wanting to go from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012. You can’t just
How To Migrate Printers From Server 2003/2008 To Server 2012
Dealing with print servers is usually the last thing on an IT administrator's mind. They can be a pain to deal with, and even more of a pain when its time to migrate to a new version of Windows. Unfor
Secure Printing Solutions From Printerlogic
Just to clarify, Secure Printing should not be confused with Pull Printing, which enables you to print to a holding queue so that print jobs can be retrieved from any printer company wide. Secure Prin
Release Printing Without A Print Server?
Secure Printing is increasingly becoming a requirement for many companies. Regardless of whether you're dealing with HR, Accounting, Medical or other sensitive data, your organization's print jobs nee
How To Upgrade Printers From Server 2003 To Server 2012
In just 9 short months—in July of 2015—Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003/R2. With this end-of-life (EOL) announcement, its time for many enterprises to consider how they will migrate.
Pull Printing Solutions From Printerlogic
Pull Printing (also known as Follow Printing) is an extremely valuable feature for enterprises looking to secure their printing environments. Each hundreds of millions of documents are printed and lef
Why We Made It Our Mission To Eliminate Print Servers
If you look at the enterprise IT environment, there has been a ton of innovation over the past decade. From cloud computing to virtualization and everything in between, enterprise IT has become far mo
Windows Print Server 2003 R2 End Of Life
Are you ready for Microsoft's pending end-of-life (EOL) for support of Windows Server 2003/R2, which ends on July 14, 2015? What does this mean? Essentially, this means no more updates, no savings, no
Migrate Windows 2003 Print Server To 2008 R2
In just 9 short months—in July of 2015—Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003/R2. With this end-of-life announcement, it's time for many enterprises to consider how they will migrate. So,
How To Solve Slow Printing Problems In Citrix
Citrix provides some great technological advances and advantages within a company. One thing it does not do, though, is solve your printing problems. Depending on a company's size and location, many n
Problems Installing Printers With Windows Server 2012 And Gpos
When using Windows Server 2012 as a print server and trying to push printers out to your end-users with group policy objects (GPOs), you can often find yourself with a headache-inducing troubleshootin
How To Upgrade Epic Print Server (Eps) Machines From Windows 2003 To 2008 R2
Let's say you have 500 print queues (or 5,000, or more) on your 2003 Epic Print Server (EPS) that need to be replicated out to multiple new 2008 r2 machines. What are your options? Not a lot from most
Common Meditech Printing Problems And Issues
Managing a Meditech printing environment can be a challenge. Not only do you have to deal with the ordinary challenges of Windows printing, you also have to deal with making sure each of your Meditech
Common Problems When Deploying Printers With Group Policy Objects (Gpos)
When using Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for printer deployments in your network you have the potential to run into a lot headache-inducing problems when things don't work correctly (after all, this is
A Guide To Solving Citrix Printing Problems (Hint: There’S A Better Way)
Well over 300,000 organizations around the world rely on virtualization, networking and cloud solutions from Citrix. With such a massive and diverse global installed base, they're clearly doing lo
How To Manage Printer Servers In An Epic Environment
Managing printers in an epic environment can be rather tricky. In common setups of Epic, there are multiple print servers which you need to have the printers installed on. You also need to have a copy
How To Migrate From Windows 2003 To 2008 R2/2012 R2 Print Server
Migrating print servers. Not the task every IT person wants. In a growing technological world, you need to support 32- and 64-bit Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Mobile and Tablet. Being stuck on a Windows
Print Server Vs. Direct Ip Printing
Deciding how to configure or maintain the printing environment always ends up being the system administrator’s headache. And the primary decision they need to make is whether they should set up print
What To Do When Gpo Printer Deployment Is Not Working
There are many reasons that deploying a printer via Group Policy would fail. This article will cover some of those reasons, while also providing alternative methods of printer deployment. One common p
What Auditing Tools Are Available For Printing?
Auditing and cost saving has been and will always be a top priority for any company, and auditing your print environment is an incredible way to manage cost. Do you want to know how much toner is bein
How To Fix Corrupt Printer Drivers
Printer drivers can become corrupt for many different reasons. The majority of the time this happens when they are initially not installed correctly, and the mistake is not noticed immediately. Regard
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