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Printer Installer is a web application that simplifies the deployment of shared printers and eliminates complicated scripts and GPO’s. Additionally, Printer Installer reduces help desk calls by empowering your end users to self-install printers with a web based self-service printer installation portal.

Automate Printer Deployment

With Printer Installer, automating printer deployments to end users is easy. Help desk staff simply logs into the web based Administrator to create printer deployment assignments. Printers are then automatically installed on the end user’s computer.

Easily deploy printers to users

Simply add Active Directory user, computer, group, OU or container objects to the printer's deploy tab to deploy the printer. No scripts. No GPO's.

Eliminate complicated scripts & GPO’s

Use the web-based Administrator to add and remove printer deployment assignments.

Integrates with Active Directory

Deploy printers to members of Active Directory user, computer, group, OU, or container objects.

Wake Forest Health installed Printer Installer to eliminate GPO's and complicated scripts. Now they use Printer Installer to deploy over 6400 printers to their 37,000+ users.
Wake Forest Health

Westchester Community College uses Printer Installer to simplify deploying printers to end users, eliminating complicated scripts and slow processing printer deployment GPO's.
Westchester Community College

Empower end Users

The Printer Installer web based self-service printer installation portal empowers end users to quickly find and install printers.

Reduce help desk calls

The intuitive web based self-service portal empowers even the most IT challenged users to install their own printers without calling the help desk.

Quickly find and install printers

When users open the self-service web portal, the portal automatically opens to the folder containing nearby printers.

Single click printer installation

Printer installation is so easy that even your users are going to be able to do it without calling the help desk.

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