Improving FITARA/DCOI Scores in U.S. Government Agencies

Print servers that process secure documents are vulnerable to attack. Print jobs that include sensitive data can sit forgotten on printers for days. This white paper discusses how to address these security shortfalls and other compliance issues.

Federal agencies maintain thousands of print servers and support tens of thousands of printers. This infrastructure is expensive to support, is vulnerable to intrusion and data breaches, and is often blamed for printer outages. Learn how to overcome these obstacles and achieve greater DCOI compliance, as well as improved FITARA scores.

Among the topics discussed:

  • What are the FITARA/DCOI federal agency mandates?
  • Consolidating, securing and optimizing print environments
  • Increasing security with serverless CAC/PIV release printing
  • Strategies for eliminating print servers
  • Fast, reliable printing for virtual desktop environments
  • Centralized print management for added efficiency
  • How to slash help desk calls with a self-service installation portal
  • Reducing costs with improved printer and usage visibility
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