Using PrinterLogic with Epic

It may be our mantra here at PrinterLogic to eliminate print servers, but we also understand that not every organization is ready or able to take that step. And if you are using Epic Print Servers, PrinterLogic introduces significant benefits. Simply put, most of the cost, effort and complexity of managing printers on Epic Print Servers are no longer necessary. In this white paper, you will learn how to:

Streamline your print management:

  • Now you can manage the printers on all of your Epic Print Servers through a single web-based printer administration application.

Save time:

  • No more mundane tasks of manually creating and managing the same printer multiple times on each print server.

Gain a quick Return on Investment (ROI):

  • The ROI for PrinterLogic’s web application occurs very rapidly by saving help desk and IT time that used to be eaten up by mundane print management and tracking down problems caused by inconsistencies between the printers on each print server.
So even if your organization is utilizing Epic Print Servers, PrinterLogic adds many new features and advanced functionality that simplify print management and provisioning, reduces costs, and increases ROI.