What is the PrinterLogic Virtual Appliance?

It’s the latest generation of PrinterLogic’s on-premises platform. It provides a path forward for customers who want PrinterLogic’s Serverless Printing Infrastructure, but prefer not to use the SaaS solution.


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Is the Virtual Appliance for you?

If you fall into one of the two categories, you could benefit from switching to the PrinterLogic Virtual Appliance.

  • If you want the benefits of PrinterLogic’s Serverless Printing Infrastructure but need tighter control over their print environment.
  • If you’re an on-prem customer, the VA is a path forward to get the latest features PrinterLogic has to offer. This is a track change, but it offers the latest functionality and ongoing support.

Here's why VA is great

VAs are faster and easier to evaluate and deploy. They reduce costs and complexities associated with having IT focus on OS and hardware configuration. As preconfigured, pretested solutions they are deployed quicker and are easier to maintain. VAs free up IT resources for more “customer-minded” tasks such as training, support, and continuity of service. And, if something goes wrong, VAs are a single-vendor solution with one point of accountability.
With the PrinterLogic Virtual Appliance, new features are available quicker. Application updates become available soon after they are developed and pushed to the SaaS platform. Updates are also made available for the OS and other platform elements when necessary, ensuring that security risks are minimized. You also get to control the frequency of upgrades. Overall, you'll notice there is less need for in-house expertise for deployment and maintenance.
VAs are more secure because their low-profile operating environment is less attractive as an attack surface. For developers and suppliers, VAs allow tighter control over the quality and security of their products. Features include support for content verification and integrity checking based on industry-standard public key infrastructure. There’s also a built-in scheme for managing software licensing, which makes it easier to deliver complex solutions in a secure, controlled manner.

How it works

A virtual appliance is a virtual machine (VM) image file that contains a preconfigured OS environment and a single application. Packaged this way, it simplifies delivery and operation of an application. Only the essential operating system components are included. VAs have been around for decades and have gained popularity due to their easy installation, simplicity, and low maintenance costs.

  • A Virtual Appliance is installed on a hypervisor, which is a software “socket” for the containerized solution. 
  • Deploying an application as a VA eliminates many problems with traditional installation and configuration methods such as software or driver compatibility issues.
  • The VA is deployed as a VM or as a subset of a virtual machine running on VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V. Users can simply download a single file, spin up the VA, and run the application.


Virtual Appliance FAQ

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We have a combination of badge-release printing and the more traditional PIN method. So far, people really like that ability. For us, it’s been largely set it and forget it.
Donald Brown – IT Project Manager

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