With Print Servers

Not all organizations can immediately and completely eliminate print servers for a variety of architectural considerations. PrinterLogic is designed to add tremendous value in situations that require some or all print server to remain in place. A few of the key features and benefits PrinterLogic provides in these environments are outlined below:

Self Service Portal

Self Service Portal

  • Single Enterprise Portal: Provides a single consistent Printer Installation portal across the entire enterprise with or without domains and trusts
  • Floor Plan Maps: Optional floor plan maps with single-click self-service printer installation
  • Auto Opens to Location: Enables end users to easily find nearby printers by auto opening to their current location
  • Reduce Helpdesk Calls: Empower end users to install printers on their own and reduce help desk calls
  • Per-Workstation Printers: Adds optional ability to have user installed printers installed for all users on the workstation (per-workstation) instead of installing the printer for only the current user

Eliminate Scripting GPOs

Automated Printer Deployment

  • No GPOs or Scripts: Manage printer deployment assignments without GPOs or complicated scripts
  • Set Default Printer: Dynamically set the correct default printer
  • Eliminate Slow Logon: Automatic printer installation occurs post logon, eliminating slow logon times
  • Dynamic Deployments: Deploy printers by AD user, computer, group, container, OU, hostname or IP address range
  • Proximity Printing: Automatically install nearby printers
  • Citrix & VMware Support: Supports Citrix and VMware session and other virtual environments

Print Job Auditing

Print Job Auditing

  • Print Job Reports: Quantify which network printers are the most utilized
  • USB Support: Supports auditing USB print jobs and provides reports
  • Advanced Data Points: Date, time, printer, user, computer, color, monochrome, and document name


SNMP Status Monitoring

  • Status View: View the online status of printers individually or for the entire fleet
  • Monitor Status: Capture SNMP notifications like ink low, paper low, paper empty, tray open, and more


Queue Management

  • Central Queue Management: Identify and delete stuck print jobs from end user's local workstation across the enterprise from the central administrator portal
  • Simplify Queue Management: Removes the need to know which host server the queue is on to delete print jobs
  • No Rights Needed: No print server rights are needed for IT staff to access and manage print jobs in queues. Access printer queues on print servers in the same domain or different domain with or without trust relationships

Citrix / VMware Session Support

  • Deploy Printers: Deploy printers into Citrix sessions based on the name / location of the end point device connecting to the session
  • Self-Service: Enable session users to quickly install desired printers
  • Print Management: All of the features outlined above are supported in the Citrix / VMware environments

"Before PrinterLogic the management of scripting and GPO's to deploy over 6400 printers to over 30,000 end-users was literally a full-time job. Now we use Printer Installer to both automatically deploy printers and to provide a self-service portal for installing Windows Shared printers. The ROI has been incredible"

- Wake Forest Baptist Health
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