Serverless Printing Infrastructure Advantages

Posted by Ken Dixon on May 24th, 2019

"Serverless printing." When someone says that, the first thing that might come to mind is an off-the-shelf consumer printer connected via USB to a desktop or laptop. The more tech-savvy among us might instead imagine the Wi-Fi- or Ethernet-connected network printer you'd find at home or in a very tiny office.

What both of these scenarios have in common is their small scale. In the enterprise, where the scale and complexity of the print environment is significantly greater, the idea of a serverless printing infrastructure can seem like an unattainable goal. Print servers were first implemented to help tame enterprise-level complexity, and they've now been the de facto standard in the enterprise for so long that even seasoned IT professionals find it hard to conceive of a print infrastructure without them.

Alternatives to server-based print infrastructures do exist, though. And when done right, they bring compelling advantages that go far beyond the ability to eliminate print servers—although that represents a big win in and of itself.

PrinterLogic eliminates print servers while adding control and ease of use
PrinterLogic is one example of serverless printing infrastructure done right. It's built around the paradigm of centrally managed direct-IP printing, which combines the best aspects of consolidated print servers with the best aspects of direct-IP printing. This creates a cohesive print environment—no matter how large or distributed the organization—that can be overseen and administered from a single pane of glass while end users enjoy highly available, straightforward day-to-day printing.

What this means is that organizations of any size can use PrinterLogic to eliminate print servers completely from their print environment and migrate to a truly serverless printing infrastructure. That instantly frees those organizations from the ongoing hassle of licensing, managing, maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading print servers. At the same time, PrinterLogic also gives them powerful administrative tools, such as highly configurable printer deployments that don't require GPOs or scripts, along with advanced functionality (e.g., mobile and secure printing) that's as easy to use as it is to deploy across the entire organization.

It's a quintessential case of less being more—that is, more control, more oversight, more options and more functionality from less infrastructure.

Advantages of PrinterLogic's unique serverless printing infrastructure
Where PrinterLogic's centrally managed direct-IP printing platform stands apart is in the unique advantages that it brings. Some of these can be directly attributed to PrinterLogic's serverless printing infrastructure, and some are innovative features that augment the core benefits of our solution and build on its inherent strengths.


  • Removes single points of failure: When you eliminate print servers and replace them with centrally managed direct-IP printing, you eliminate the single points of failure that can slow or even halt print capabilities for every affected user. Server crashes, spooler hangs and other downtime vulnerabilities that impact print availability go away.
  • Reduces print-related WAN overhead: Even though PrinterLogic allows for organization-wide oversight from a single web-based administrative console, its direct-IP paradigm keeps print jobs between the client device and the local printer. Data-heavy print jobs no longer have to travel across the WAN to and from a datacenter or a consolidated server.
  • Integrates with caching technologies to further reduce its WAN footprint: PrinterLogic prides itself on seamless integration—with virtual solutions like Citrix and VMware, and even with other printing solutions like PaperCut. Likewise, it's designed to complement common WAN-caching technologies to minimize the bandwidth consumed by print-related activity.
  • Improves day-to-day management: The centralized admin console is the perfect balance of power and intuitiveness. That makes it easy for admins to set up precisely targeted deployments, including location-based printing, by using standard Active Directory criteria. They can also make changes to individual printer settings or even the entire fleet with just a few clicks.
  • Empowers your end users: PrinterLogic's self-service printer installation portal enables end users to safely and confidently perform routine printer installs by themselves. Using the web-based portal's optional floor plan maps, they can quickly identify their location and nearby printers, then install their desired device by simply clicking on the respective icon.
  • Enhances security and control: The secure printing functionality in PrinterLogic is just one of several ways that organizations can enjoy the advantages of hardened security alongside a serverless printing infrastructure. With secure printing, print jobs are held until users intentionally release them to their desired printer using one of the several convenient authentication mechanisms PrinterLogic supports.

These advantages highlight just how serverless, centrally-managed direct-IP printing with PrinterLogic is actually far better suited to today's enterprise environments than print servers. By implementing PrinterLogic, Cott, a massive beverage corporation with global reach, was able to eliminate more than 50 remote print servers, dramatically reduce the time and resources the company was devoting to print management and establish a scalable print environment for future growth. You can read that case study here.

Find out firsthand how PrinterLogic's serverless printing infrastructure can enable your organization to eliminate print servers and achieve a lot more besides. Sign up today to download a full-featured trial of our serverless printing infrastructure. You can test it free of charge in your own print environment for 30 days.

Ken Dixon
Ken Dixon
Ken Dixon is a Product Owner at PrinterLogic and has been involved in complex technology product development for 20 years with extensive experience in the sale and support of global-scale SaaS applications. Ken holds both an MSEE from Naval Postgraduate School and a BS in physics from Auburn University as well as SAFe 4.0 PO, PM, and SA certifications. While in the USMC, he spent three years as the Program Manager for the Global Positioning System as well as flying the EA-6B Prowler. Ken enjoys pushing his personal limits to grow mentally and physically and live life to the fullest.


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