Pull Printing

Each year, millions of documents are printed and left unclaimed in the enterprise, creating huge waste and expense. And when these unclaimed documents contain sensitive or confidential information, this also creates a huge security risk for enterprises.
PrinterLogic’s Pull Printing solution delivers better end-user printing options, optimizes printer budgets and prevents valuable information from leaving the company. The intuitive solution is perfect for businesses where employees move about, use common terminals, adopt virtual desktops, or simply want an easier, secure way to print to any printer.

Pull/Follow Printing

Pull Printing enables users to send print jobs via a universal printer driver, giving them the ability to pull down that print job at any Pull Printing enabled printer at their discretion. By implementing Pull Printing, PrinterLogic customers have seen up to a 30 percent reduction in consumable waste.

pull printing architecture

Pull Printing Security

End users who print sensitive information are reluctant to use a shared printer. IT must weigh the benefits of a personal printer with its costs. With Pull Printing, IT provides a cost-effective, secure printing option that requires the user to be in front of the printer before releasing the print job.

Pull Printing gives IT and end users options to release print jobs from the printer. These simple release options make it easy for the end user and keeps disruption to the printing process to a minimum.

Badge/Card Reader Release

Many printers have a badge or card reader already built into the device. If not, there are options to plug a badge reader into the USB port of the printer. The end user swipes the badge to release the desired print job from the printer control panel. If the printer does not have a built-in control panel, associate and configure an additional networked enabled card reader to release the last print job(s) sent to the printer.

single job Embedded Control Panel Release

The PrinterLogic app can be installed directly on a printer, enabling users to login and release their print jobs directly on the printer’s control panel. This method does not require any additional hardware for supported devices. PrinterLogic supports most manufacturer's printer models.

release portal Browser-Based Release

Any device with a browser, including PC, Mac, Chromebook, and any mobile device, can access PrinterLogic’s web-based app and release print jobs to any network printer. Because the release portal is browser-based, you can either release the print job from any device or place a dedicated device in kiosk mode near the associated printer, even those printers that don’t have a built-in control panel.

With PrinterLogic, you can replace all the functionality that print servers used to provide, while adding many new features that simplify print management and provisioning, reduce costs, and empower users to install printers for themselves, without calling the help desk.

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