Scripting & GPO Elimination

Chances are, when you deploy network printers to end user workstations, you’re using scripts or group policy objects (GPOs). And if that’s the case, then you know the issues that these methods present. From GPO rights requirements, slow logons, difficult default printer options, orphan printers, and all-around complex deployments – scripts and GPOs add unnecessary headaches to your deployment processes. Until now.

PrinterLogic has built-in printer deployment features, eliminating the need for GPOs and scripting.

No GPO Rights Required

You can enable any IT staff—including service desk personnel you would never permit to edit group policies or scripts—to add and remove printer deployment assignments, without having any rights to group policy objects, scripts, or print servers.

Faster Logons

PrinterLogic enables any required printer installation to begin after the user’s logon is complete and the desktop is available. That way, the user can begin working immediately, while the printer is installed in the background.

Advanced Default Printer Options

You can set a default printer either the first time that printer is installed, every time the user logs on, or by the user’s current location – all with the click of a checkbox (no scripts required).

Orphan Printer Removal

With PrinterLogic, you can remove printers from workstations as easily as you deploy them.

Simplified Printer Deployments

With PrinterLogic’s web-based GUI, you can easily deploy printers to Active Directory users, computers, groups, containers, OUs, or even IP address ranges.

With PrinterLogic, you can replace all the functionality that print servers used to provide, while adding many new features that simplify print management and provisioning, reduce costs, and empower users to install printers for themselves, without calling the help desk.
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