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Posted by Devin Anderson on May 3rd, 2017

Enterprise cloud printing is fast becoming a popular choice for organizations that want to stay on the cutting edge. And not without good reason. Cloud printing, like cloud services in general, makes us more mobile. It frees us from the traditional constraints of the fixed workspace. It also can potentially save on the costs of print infrastructure and increase basic print manageability and oversight.

Before we get too far into specific solutions, let's first take a brief look at what enterprise cloud printing is and what it means to have the equivalent of a cloud-based print server.

Cloud printing solutions like Google Cloud Print generally take the "brains" of the print infrastructure and move it outside of the organization. For the most part, this lifts the responsibility of maintaining that physical infrastructure, because instead of an on-premises print server taking up space in a server room, you now have a cloud-based print server hosted offsite. Interoperability is a nice advantage, too, as you can sometimes get cloud print for Windows, Mac and other operating systems through a single solution. Using this basic setup, off-network cloud print devices can then send jobs to a default local printer without constant reconfiguration. That's a huge benefit to mobile employees.

The drawbacks to enterprise cloud printing are a little more subtle. And they can get lost in the excitement over all the imagined advantages of implementing cloud print for Windows or your preferred OS. Some of them are:

  • Vulnerability: Just like a regular print server and its single point of failure, a cloud-based print server is subject to service outages. When that happens, all of the cloud print devices that rely on cloud printing are unable to print.
  • Lock-in: Once you've selected an enterprise cloud printing solution, it's usually very difficult to migrate to a new one. The day-to-day flexibility provided by cloud printing is then offset by limiting your future choices to the same solution. Furthermore, many cloud printing solutions require proprietary cloud print devices, which could mean replacing some or all of your printer fleet.
  • Reduced control: Cloud printing is still evolving and its feature set is not always as rich as longstanding print management solutions. Depending on the cloud provider, it might be necessary to come up with workarounds for deployment protocols and functionality that have long been a part of traditional print solutions.

With Mobile Printing from PrinterLogic, your organization can have all the pluses of both enterprise cloud printing and familiar print management solutions with none of the minuses. Our next-generation print management solution seamlessly integrates with any existing environment, including Citrix and VMware, with the smallest possible footprint and features like powerful centralized management, self-service printer installation and automated printer deployment. As for Mobile Printing specifically:

  • It works with any device. Regardless of whether you're using an iPhone, a Galaxy Tab or a Chromebook, you can print to an authorized printer via PrinterLogic's Mobile Printing. All devices with browsers are effectively cloud print devices.
  • It works with any printer. Once again, you don't need to spend extra money on proprietary functionality. Even legacy printers can become cloud print devices with Mobile Printing.
  • There's no additional software to install. You don't need to load special client-side apps to gain enterprise cloud printing functionality. Mobile Printing essentially turns a standard PrinterLogic implementation into a cloud-based print server. And you also don't need to worry about sourcing cloud print for Windows or another OS, because PrinterLogic's Mobile Printing is platform agnostic.

Mobile Printing from PrinterLogic is the only enterprise cloud printing solution that gives you security, control, ease of use, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, reduced infrastructure, unprecedented uptime and powerful printer and driver management in a single package.

Devin Anderson
Devin Anderson
With nearly 20 years of experience in delivering market leading IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Devin prides himself on driving simplicity into products that solve extremely complex IT problems. For years he has been focused on the end-user computing devices and delivering technology that provides valuable services to the end-user which enable them to be their most productive self. As Vice President of Product Management at PrinterLogic, he focuses on increasing the value customers get from the company's Enterprise Printer Management solution.


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