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PrinterLogic delivers an on-premise web application that simplifies the management, migration, and provisioning of printers. Explore the solutions below to learn how PrinterLogic can help in your print environment.

Centrally Managed Direct IP PrintingCentrally Managed Direct IP Printing

  • Central Management: Centrally manage all printers from a single web-based administrative console, with or without domains or trusts
  • Create Printers: Create new printers and automatically deploy them to end users
  • Modify Printers: Modify printer settings (driver, port, name, duplex option, etc.) and have changes automatically made to printers on end-user workstations
  • Delete Printers: Remove printers from workstations automatically

Self Service PortalSelf-Service Installation Portal

  • Single Enterprise Portal: Provides a single consistent Printer Installation portal across the entire enterprise with or without domains and trusts
  • Floor Plan Maps: Optional floor plan maps with single-click self-service printer installation
  • Auto Opens to Location: Enables end users to easily find nearby printers by auto opening to their current location
  • Reduce Helpdesk Calls: Empower end users to install printers on their own and reduce help desk calls
  • Mixed Mode: Display direct IP printers and Windows shared printers in the same interface

Mass Edit / Create / Manage PrintersMass Edit / Create / Manage Printers

  • Mass Create: Create 10 or 10,000 printers
  • Easy Management: Manage all of your printers and their attributes quickly and easily
  • Find & Replace: Use find-and-replace function to change hundreds or thousands of printer object's deployment assignments, drivers, ports, comments, etc.

Eliminate Scripting and GPOsAutomated Printer Deployment

  • No GPOs or Scripts: Manage printer deployment assignments without GPO's, scripts, or print servers
  • Set Default Printer: Dynamically set the correct default printer
  • Eliminate Slow Logon: Automatic printer installation occurs post logon, eliminating slow logon times
  • Dynamic Deployments: Deploy printers by AD user, computer, group, container, OU, hostname or IP address range
  • Proximity Printing: Automatically install nearby printers
  • Citrix & VMware Support: Supports Citrix and VMware session and other virtual environments

Printer Driver ProfilePrinter Driver Profile Management

  • Pre-Configure Drivers: Configure driver settings such as dpi, duplexing, paper size, paper source, paper trays and more
  • Advanced Settings: Displays actual driver's interface so you can configure every possible function of the printer
  • Re-Apply Settings: Apply profile configuration only during first install, each time a user logs on or even after each print job

Port Management and RedirectionPort Management and Redirection:

  • Port Redirection: Redirect all print jobs from one printer to a similar printer via a single port redirection change
  • Advanced Options: Supports standard ports such as Raw and LPR

Print Job AuditingPrint Job Auditing and Reporting

  • Print Job Reports: Quantify which network printers are the most utilized
  • Discover Print Job Costs: Tie the actual cost of printing to usage data
  • Advanced Data Points: Date, time, printer, user, job title, manager, department, folder, computer, color, grayscale, duplex, and document name
  • Publish Reports: Send published reports on a schedule to executives and department managers to share print usage and discover cost savings
  • USB Support: Supports auditing USB print jobs and provides reports

SNMP MonitoringSNMP Monitoring and Alerts

  • Status View: View the online status of printers individually or for the entire fleet
  • Monitor Status: Capture SNMP notifications like low toner, low paper, jammed, door opened, and more
  • Send Alerts: Email IT workers to proactively manage printers based on SNMP notifications and keep critical printers working

Role Based Access ControlRole-Based Access Control

  • Distributed Management: Delegate print management roles and permissions with optional AD and LDAP directory integration
  • Customizable Roles: Use pre-defined IT roles or create custom roles with granular control of admin functions
  • Auditing: Complete administrative auditing of changes made by administrators

Queue Management

  • Central Queue Management: Identify and delete stuck print jobs from end user's local workstations across the enterprise from the central administrator portal
  • Simplify Management: Because there are no print servers hosting printer queues, it is simple to search for the printer name in the admin console to manage print jobs

Citrix / VMware / VDI Session Support

  • Proximity Printing: Auto-deploy printers according to which end-point device is connecting to the session, allowing the end user to have the printers that are physically closest to them. When users disconnect and reconnect from a different end-point, the printers are automatically refreshed to be correct for the end user’s new physical location
  • Self-Service: Enable session users to quickly install desired printers
  • Print Management: All of the features outlined above are supported in the Citrix / VMware environments
  • Print Job Compression: With printer redirection, print jobs will be compressed before they are sent across WAN connections
  • Driverless Printing: If driverless printing is desired, use the provided universal driver
  • Printer and Printer Driver Management: Printers and printer drivers are automatically managed and updated on all Citrix servers and VDI VM's
  • Eliminate Scripts and GPOs: All print management is provided without the need for complicated and time consuming scripts or GPOs and their required rights

Driver Management

  • Universal Support: Works with all printer drivers and manufacturers
  • Driver Management: Centrally manage all of your printer drivers in a single driver repository and have driver updates automatically pushed to end-user workstations
  • Multi-platform: Support for Windows / Mac / Linux end-user workstations

Printer Driver Caching

  • Plug-n-Play: Integrate with existing WAN caching technologies to avoid cross WAN driver download
  • Driver Cache Support: Cache drivers at multiple sites to support limited WAN connections

High Availability

  • No Single Point of Failure:  Maintain printing enterprise wide during WAN outage failure with native direct IP capabilities
  • Redundancy: Provide greater stability for management functions with active/active high availability

Pull Printing

  • Simplify: Users print to a single global print queue that uses a universal printer driver and release the print job to any desired printer
  • Reduce Costs and Waste: Reduce printing costs and waste by automatically deleting abandoned print jobs
  • Secure Printing: Users have the option to store sensitive print jobs until they are physically in front of the printer to release the print job
  • Easy Release Options: Release documents with a badge/card scanner, the printer’s embedded control panel, smartphone app release, or with any browser

Mobile Printing

  • Seamless Integration: Allow printing from mobile devices in your environment by simply enabling the mobile printer
  • Support BYOD: Support guests and contractors on any device without having to install printer drivers
  • Flexible Mobile Options: Use native printing features in iOS and Android or any device with Email to Print features
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