Eliminate Print Servers

The simple fact is that the cost, effort and complexity of traditional print servers are no longer necessary. See what PrinterLogic can do for you by eliminating print servers and converting your printing environment to centrally managed direct IP printing

Eliminate Print Job Related WAN Traffic

  • Print directly from endpoint devices to printers using centrally managed direct IP so print jobs do not cross the WAN
  • Integrate with WAN caching technologies to avoid cross-WAN driver download
  • Reduce network congestion and speed up print times

Centrally Manage All Printers from a Single Server

  • Provide a single consistent print management interface across the entire enterprise
  • Auto deploy printers without GPOs, scripts or print servers
  • Set default printer preferences with a simple click
  • Add, delete and manage printer drivers and profiles for the entire enterprise

Leverage Print Job Auditing, Reporting and SNMP Alerts

  • Quantify print activity by printer, user and print job type
  • Tie the actual cost of printing to usage data
  • Email IT workers to proactively manage printers based on SNMP notifications
  • Send reports to key executives and managers to educate around Green Initiatives

Add Integrated Support for Mobile/BYOD/Guest Printing and Pull Printing

  • Enable users to print from mobile devices including iPads, tablets and smartphones
  • Give end users flexible printing options including native mobile printing and direct to email printing
  • Increase security, reduce waste and cut costs by enabling end users to release print jobs at the printer

Enable Self-Service Printer Installation for End Users

  • Enable single click printer installation for end users
  • Provide optional floor plan maps to help locate and install Printers
  • Significantly reduce the number of help desk calls

Support VDI Strategies by Auto-Creating Printers

  • Auto deploy printers in sessions based on IP address of endpoint device
  • Instantly create printers in the sessions and speed up login times
  • Compress print jobs before they are sent across WAN connections

Remove Single Points of Failure

  • Continue printing enterprise wide in the event of a WAN outage
  • Print as usual in the event of a host server failure
  • Greater stability for management functions with active/active high availability
With PrinterLogic, you can replace all the functionality that print servers used to provide, while adding many new features that simplify print management and provisioning, reduce costs and empower users to install printers for themselves, without calling the help desk.
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